On Saturday, February 25, Carol Willess, a certified reflexologist who works in Round Rock, Texas, and I are offering “craniology” sessions at my studio in Westlake Hills.

This is an experiment! We have no idea if this combination of bodywork modalities has ever been done before, but we thought it would be fascinating to work on a recipient at the same time, her doing reflexology on their feet and me doing craniosacral therapy at their head.


Reflexology is also called Zone Therapy, which refers to the zones on the foot mapping to the rest of the body. A good reflexologist like Carol can tell if, for instance, an organ like the kidneys or the liver may be ailing — often long before you become aware of it through pain or dysfunction. Most bodywork cannot address the internal organs the way reflexology can.

Reflexology is also very relaxing.

I do some reflexology but am not certified, and I can attest that when someone comes in for a massage with shoulder pain, I will work directly on their shoulder, and if pain or dysfunction remains, I will work on the shoulder zone of their foot and clear the problem.

While Carol does her magic at the feet, I will be doing gentle cranial compressions and decompressions at the recipient’s head to ease the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, helping detox the brain and further relaxing the central nervous system.

I suspect that having two people doing different kinds of bodywork on someone at the same time may have the effect of their mind completely letting go because it is too much to take in. This is a good thing because it allows the work to be received more deeply.

If you’re willing to take on this kind of experiment — in the name of satisfying our curiosity and improving your well-being, please sign up! Sessions are 45 minutes long and are only offered on Saturday, Feb. 25. As of this writing, three sessions remain available. The cost is $115.

To book online, please to go to my Craniosacral Therapy page, scroll down and click the Craniology link, select Feb. 25, and book your appointment.

Or you may call me at 512-507-4184 and I can book it for you.


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