Zero Balancing + Biodynamics = Wellness

Many, but by no means all, of my bodywork clients receive a combination of two modalities that I offer, Zero Balancing and Biodynamics. If you read my Happy Clients page, they have often given good feedback about this combination.

If you’re not familiar with these two modalities, both are done with the recipient fully clothed and for the most part lying on you back. I offer a table warmer and blanket if you need warmth.

I usually start these combination sessions with Zero Balancing, but I can end with it if you need high energy for your next activity. Most people enjoy relaxing after a session, and I usually end with Biodynamics.

Zero Balancing is unlike any other kind of bodywork. I align your skeleton, using my hands to connect with your bones through your clothes, skin, and soft tissues. I reach underneath your body a lot, touching on your ribs and vertebrae and sacrum.

I align your lower body first, then move to the head of the table to work on your upper body.

From my own experience and that of others, a ZB session allows one’s energy to move more freely and fluidly. It seems to bring people more into balance, so there is not a universal one-size-fits-all experience. Afterwards, one person who beforehand was feeling more contracted and heavy may say they feel lighter, and another who felt ungrounded and spacy beforehand says after that they feel more solid. That applies to areas of the body as well.

Although I offer, study, and receive Zero Balancing, some of how ZB works is a mystery. ZB works with your bones, aligning them and opening your joints, even joints you don’t think of as joints. How ZB works on your energy body is a mystery, however. It is said that the deepest layer of chi is in the bones. Maybe having your skeleton aligned and joints open is the secret to the lovely free flow of energy.

When you think about it, gravity is working on all of us all the time. We have repetitive postures and gestures like sitting, slouching, slumping, using a keyboard, driving, and more. We have injuries that we compensate for, and all of these experiences can get us out of alignment. We may have forgotten what it felt like to have good alignment and plenty of energy, like young children do. ZB can help restore that feeling.

After the ZB part of the session, which usually takes 15-30 minutes, I ask you to carefully move from lying on your back into a standing position, to stand and then walk around the room so you can get a sense of how your body feels and moves differently (and hopefully much better) than before the session. Most recipients are delighted.

The remainder of the session is devoted to Biodynamics. The receiver lies back down on the table, feeling pretty good, with energy moving more freely. It’s easy to relax deeply, and this almost always happens with Biodynamics, a very different modality from ZB.

I invite recipients to imagine or remember a beautiful place that brings feelings happiness, or to tune into sensations. Some fall asleep during part of the Biodynamics work, and that’s fine. Sleep is helping the nervous system regain its balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic.

With Biodynamics, rather than palpating your bones and manually adjusting your body, I settle into pure sensing, with my hands lightly touching your ankles, or a knee and shoulder, or cradling your head, or another gentle hold.

I keep my hands still and quiet myself down so I can listen deeply to what your body wants to tell me. I sense multiple rhythms in you and in myself during the session. (You can learn to sense these too.)

Our subtle rhythms synchronize, and there’s a blending that takes place. I may notice that we have expanded beyond our skins into the space around us. Sometimes clients feel this. Sometimes they feel the tides. Even though we are separate beings, we’re not. Something strong and energetic connects us. We’ve entered the realm of nonduality.

Being still and sensing/listening are like meditating, and I enter deeply receptive, expansive states. Sometimes the whole room seems to disengage with ordinary reality, and we are on a two-person voyage into the unknown. It feels safe and very much like discovery is going on. I may do some remote viewing inside your body to see what I’m drawn to, where my attention lingers. Sometimes I ask questions and may or may not get a response. Sometimes I get messages. Learning to listen to the information coming in through my hands is a big part of this skill. Creating rapport with the part of you that heals is my goal, and I need to be open to all forms of communication.

I may feel surges of sensitivity in my hands and in my feet and my face. I may sense swirling, dancing motions in the space around and within us. My hands often feel warm and magnetically attracted to where they are on your body, as if your system is saying, “Stay here and don’t move. Something amazing is happening.”

Sometimes my attention is drawn to a particular part of your body, and something happens there. It changes. It’s all good, and I get to witness this.

True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that. So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning (that they could get, even without the healer, but they can get faster with a healer’s influence). ~ Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

One of the things every Biodynamic session does is help your body-mind-energy field become more organized and have more clarity at a deep level. Sometimes other healing may occur. Your system is unique and has its own agenda for self-healing.

Every session is different. I’ve studied a lot of concepts about how this works, which may not mean much to you. It’s jargon-y: Breath of Life, dynamic stillness, long and mid-tides, inherent healing process, neutral, and so on. This post is more about what doing the work feels like.

I have much to learn with this modality, and I know that much more is possible. I look forward to continuing to practice, receive, study, learn, and develop my skill and understanding of Biodynamics for many years to come.

And if you’ve never had this combination of bodywork, please consider coming in for a ZB + Biodynamics session to find out for yourself.

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