Welcome, 2018!

Today I reopen for business after some time off for the holidays. I’m looking forward to deepening my skills and building my practice and business, even more, this year.

What’s up for you? Is there a way I can be of service to you? I invite you to get in touch (leave a voice mail, text, email, schedule online, or message me on Facebook).

I’ve rearranged my office, and I hope you will enjoy it more. After a year and a half, I figured out how to use the space better. There’s more space to sit and talk before our table time starts, and it feels more pleasing to be and work in. The mirror reflects the window now so I can visually connect with the nature outside no matter where I sit/stand/kneel while I am connecting with the nature in you.

What’s on the horizon for 2018? I didn’t think I had that much happening, but there’s something special nearly every month.

  • I am seriously working on refining my practice and my business this year, building my client base of people who love the work I do as much as I do. As always, I will be honing my skills. Look forward to more inspiration, enthusiasm, and a few changes.
  • Changes in the office suite. Officemate Christian Current has moved into Nina Davis’ bigger office where I’m sure he will continue to do amazing craniosacral biodynamics sessions. We have a new officemate, Denise Deniger, who’s moving into Christian’s old office. I know Denise through biodynamics classes. She’s a yogi, yoga therapist, massage therapist, and biodynamicist-in-training. I look forward to getting to know her better. The waiting room, kitchen, and bathroom may look a bit different when you next come in, but I believe you will find yourselves as comfortable as before.
  • I invite you to bring a rock when you visit our offices and add it to one of the stacks to further strengthen the healing energy field surrounding us as we work together for your well-being. I have taken on a new responsibility, maintaining the stacks of rocks in front of our building and creating a couple of new ones in the back (still quite small). The Q’ero (Peru/Inca) name for an intentionally-built pile of rocks is apacheta, meaning the source where the spiritual flow begins. More on this soon!
  • I will participate in my second 10-day Vipassana course in Kaufman later this month. The one last August showed me my own healthy nervous system after days without distractions like electronics, speaking, reading, driving, or having to plan meals or my schedule and with multiple walks in nature every day. It opened up the right side of my brain/left side of my body more, and I feel more balanced now. I’m curious what this time will reveal!
  • In February, I’m partaking in Kris Hostikka’s Journey into Health 10 Day Cleanse for the first time. It’s a cleansing diet that reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar, improves gut health, eliminates most of the foods people are sensitive to, cleanses your liver, helps with hormonal balance, and more. To join me, ask me for an invitation or look up Kris Hostikka on Facebook. (You can do this cleanse remotely as well.)
  • I will serve as a teaching assistant in February for Ryan Hallford’s Level 6 biodynamics class, Toward Transparency, the final class in Ryan’s series. I’ve been studying this modality since January 2013, and my skill levels really leaped in 2017 from assisting, taking two new classes, reading, listening, working with a mentor, and most of all practicing this quantum healing art.
  • Right after that, I will take the Hospice Austin volunteer training, learning how to work with the dying and their loved ones.
  • I’ll be presenting on Stillness at Free Day of NLP on Saturday, April 7. I’ve developed a presentation and training (20-60 minutes) that involves practicing stillness one minute at a time, learning to shift into a delightful relaxed state with ease.
  • I will be taking some Zero Balancing classes this year: Alchemy of Touch in May, Secrets of the Skull in November, and hopefully a couple more trainings if I can swing it.
  • In August, I plan to travel to Taos, NM, to take a class in Nightwalking with Nelson Zink and Katie Raver. I started learning this from my late NLP teacher, Tom Best, learned more from Nelson’s website Navaching, and co-founded the Peripheral Walking meetup in Austin with Katie for a year back in 2010. This is a way of using your eyes that brings you very present, switches off anxiety, and lets you see in the dark.
  • Right after that, I will take SomatoEmotional Release 1 from the Upledger Institute here in Austin, my third Upledger class.

Looking forward to a great year!

May 2018 bring you greater health, vitality, clarity, connection, sparkle, and goodwill.

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