I have two public offerings to announce.

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I will be presenting at Austin’s annual Free Day of NLP on April 7 at St. Edward’s University. The event is 9 am-6 pm, and my presentation will be at 1 pm. The Austin Neuro-Linguistic Programming meetup has details.

Needless to say, it’s free!

My topic is Investigating the Power of Silence. It’s a deeper investigation into teaching stillness one minute at a time earlier this year and draws on discoveries during meditation. I anticipate this presentation allowing the audience and myself to experience silence multiple times and to share what we experience. 

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It was first developed in the 1970s by some people at UC Santa Cruz who wanted to model excellence in performance. How is it that some people are really good at what they do, and can we learn and teach this to others?

In the process, they learned how to do more effective hypnotherapy and psychotherapy (and how to do modeling), using and deepening visual, auditory, and kinesthetic abilities, and getting the outcomes you want, language patterns, eye movements, rapport, presuppositions, and so much more. EMDR (an effective trauma treatment) is in the NLP lineage, as are Tony Robbins and also Tim Ferriss, since what he does is interview high achievers to learn about how they do what they do, i.e., modeling excellence.

NLP training helps you understand how you operate, and you can use it to change the way you operate, if desired. I consider it valuable training to have had. I’ve done practitioner, master practitioner, and advanced training with Tom and Bobbi Best, Linda Moore, Keith Fail, Katie Raver, Mark Andreas, Tamara Andreas, Harry Lundell, and Tim and Kris Hallbom in person and many others through books and online. I occasionally coach people using NLP, and it is embedded in how I operate.

In Austin, Katie Raver, that instigator of love, offers NLP training.


Later that same day I have another event! I enjoyed offering biodynamic healing sessions at the Community Healing Circle in early March, and I plan to offer them again on Saturday, April 7, 6-9 pm.

Sessions are 25 minutes for a donation of $20-35, and you can sign up for back-to-back sessions to receive 55 minutes from the same healer. (I recommend this for biodynamics.) You can also choose to receive from as many different healers as are available. If you have something else planned for that evening, try to be there a little before 6 to get the first session!

It’s a great opportunity to check out biodynamics if you haven’t tried it yet and other healing modalities, including energy medicine, card reading, and sound healing.

To learn more about these events, join the Community Healing Circle Austin Texas meetup.

Note: I have a hard time saying “I am a healer.” I am a practitioner in the healing arts and sciences, but your body, working with Divine Intelligence, is the true healer, and by listening deeply, I facilitate that.


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