The alchemy of touch

My training in the alchemy of touch will end tomorrow, Sunday, May 20. It is beyond thrilling to be extending my bodywork skills into a realm of deeper magic and alchemy.

In bodywork, that translates into quantum-like jumps of transformation, and Zero Balancing is already the most transformative type of bodywork I offer for the shortest amount of time, 30 minutes with you fully clothed.

A mysterious blend of osteopathic manual therapy and Chinese medicine and a few other influences, Zero Balancing (ZB) works with your bones to affect both your structure and your energy.

Here’s a video of Zero Balancing creator Fritz Smith talking about his background and how Zero Balancing is a blend of Eastern and Western traditions, as well as Newtonian (particle) and quantum (wave) physics. 

It’s a small class at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, with only 4 of us students and master teacher David Lauterstein. We are receiving and giving a lot of bodywork in this class, with plenty of time to discuss and experiment and ask questions.

I noticed earlier that I was carrying some minor tensions at various places in my ribcage. Not pain, just places where I felt a bit stiff when I paid attention. I’d been able to just tune them out. Today’s work released all these tensions. Breathing is easier, and my heart feels more full. I feel expanded.

Could your ribcage use some release and expansion? I have a few openings in the upcoming week, and I would love to see you at my office. You can either sign up for a long, thorough ZB session (60 minutes) or combine ZB with something else, like craniosacral therapy, biodynamics, or reflexology (90 minutes).


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