Treating TMJ issues: the throat chakra

The mouth and jaw are part of the throat chakra. This fifth chakra is associated with creativity and self-expression, truth, and speaking and listening.

TMJ symptoms can signal that you are having issues with communication, even with your own internal communication.

This chakra is also associated with the thyroid gland, and fear of speaking out may be connected to thyroid problems.

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One TMJ client told me that her jaw pain began when she was in a bad marriage she couldn’t get out of soon enough.

Another said her symptoms began after she experienced sexual abuse as a teenager. Shock and fear of possible consequences if you tell someone can result in tension being held in the jaw.

For both these women, they didn’t have the freedom and support to safely express themselves at the time. They had to suppress their words and feelings to survive. I’m grateful I was able to help them release the difficult past from their systems.

I don’t believe this is the case for everyone with TMJ symptoms, but it’s a rich area to explore. There are a lot of meditations available when you Google “throat chakra meditation”.

I like these:

If you could speak or write your truth freely, in your own authentic voice (even if it’s shaky), what would you say? Who would you say it to?

Do you have a favorite practice to open and clear your throat chakra?

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