Referral partners for TMJ Relief

I am happy to announce some new referral partners among Austin, Texas, wellness practitioners. I will be updating this post as I make new connections.

Dr. Elizabeth Rayne, DDS, is the first dentist who asked for my business cards after learning I do craniosacral therapy and TMJ sessions. She’s known for her holistic practice in Austin.

Dr. Sue Muschett, DC, of Synergy Chiropractic & Bodywork has been sending patients with TMJ pain/dysfunction to me. Her patients have told me how helpful and generous she is. Sue is also a massage therapist.

Dr. Sid Cunningham, DDS, heard about my TMJ Relief work first-hand from Dr. Sue and requested my business cards. I met with him. He’s a caring dentist with a lot of experience and connections. If you have jaw pain or dysfunction, Dr. Cunningham can accommodate you in tending to your dentistry needs.

Dr. Ameet Trivedi, DDS, of Honest Family Dental is someone I met in an online group of wellness practitioners. (We each heard some good “word of mouth” about each other.) He cares about his patients, researches and adopts new technologies, and is connected with those who can provide advanced services when needed. He can work with your needs if you have jaw pain or dysfunction.

If you are a dentist, physical therapist, or otherwise provide services to people experiencing jaw pain and/or dysfunction — either you see people who can use my services (for TMD caused by muscle tension) or you serve people with more complex TMD issues — and you would like to be listed here, please contact me.

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