I’ve begun to study and practice the MELT Method after injuring my low back last fall. The pain led to less activity, which seems to have turned on my pain body, which wasn’t an issue before the injury.

I was advised by my physical therapist to limit my yoga to a home practice. Even that sometimes felt like too much. Like only restorative yoga would be helpful.

I think I tore some connective tissue fibers in that large diamond-shaped piece of connective tissue called the thoracolumbar aponeurosis.

So a friend recommended that I try the MELT Method. It’s been around for probably a decade.

What makes MELT attractive at this time is that it works with the body’s connective tissue. Treating the neurofascial system of the body affects sensory nerve endings, which transmit pain signals.

Keeping the fascia fluid is key. Repetitive motion dehydrates the fascia. How much to you sit? Or do you stand on your feet for hours?

Anyway, I’ve been doing it for a week, and I notice a difference. For more, check out the MELT Method here.

In order to stay more evenly hydrated throughout the day, I’m ordering this water bottle with 2 hour increments marked on it that I’ll need to refill once. It’s glass with a non-BPA protective sleeve and two caps.

Glass water bottle

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