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There’s a reason hundreds of people in the Austin area who previously lived with jaw dysfunction are smiling now — MaryAnn Reynolds developed an effective evaluation and treatment program that relieved their suffering and gave them a new perspective on their future quality of life.

Now her quiz and self-treatment course are available online to those with jaw pain everywhere.

Let MaryAnn show you how to treat your own jaw pain and related issues so that you can live your best life.

MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB

Too many people struggle with jaw pain. They just want to feel better, but they don’t know that effective treatment beyond a dental appliance is available. 

Or…they have tried treatments from professionals that may have helped for a while, but their pain returned, requiring more expensive treatments. 

All of these people felt resigned to a life of pain and suffering. A few suffered for a decade or two.

Their jaw issues affected their vitality, confidence, patience, and ability to concentrate. 

Frustrated about the lack of lasting treatment, not sure where to turn, when their suffering got bad enough, they tried again to find help. 

Through Google or Facebook, friends, a dentist, doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, or acupuncturist, MaryAnn’s name came up over and over again. 

MaryAnn is on a mission to transform treatment for jaw pain from the inside out, and it starts with you. 

What people are saying…

MaryAnn, in her own words.

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I’ve been doing manual therapy to relieve jaw pain since 2013. 

It’s the most dramatic type of bodywork I’ve ever offered in terms of the difference in how people feel before and after a session. 

It is a magnificent privilege to witness a revelation as it occurs.

If you don’t remember what relaxed spaciousness in your TMJs feels like, let me just say it feels wonderful.

Time after time, people came to me in pain, or unable to open their mouth wide enough for dental work, or wanting to get their TMJs in good shape before being fitted for their latest expensive mouthguard. 

They walked out with their jaw pain gone and new habits in place, feeling empowered to live their best lives. 

I’m proud to be a jaw pain buster! 

Then…the pandemic put a halt to safely working in people’s mouths. I wondered if it was time to retire. 

And yet I didn’t want all I’d learned to go to waste.

I had faith that people who suffer with jaw pain could learn to treat themselves with guidance from an expert. 

And so I pivoted, creating an online self-treatment course available to those with jaw pain…

…who are willing to take their jaw issues into their own hands, learning skills that until now have only been offered by a few highly trained therapists…

…who may not be working in people’s open mouths during this pandemic…when (according to this article) stress…and clenching…and grinding…are up.

But first, you need to determine how serious your jaw issues are, and what your next step is.

Are you ready to do something about your jaw pain?

  • MaryAnn is a skilled licensed massage therapist, board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork, who has studied many styles of massage and bodywork with teachers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • MaryAnn integrates multiple modalities into her TMJ Relief sessions: craniosacral therapy, Zero Balancing, various massage techniques, intraoral manual therapy (when safe to do so), and lymphatic drainage.
  • She’s done hundreds of evaluations and sessions for jaw issues, developing and refining a treatment protocol that gets results. 
  • In addition, she is a long-time yogi, meditator, and dancer, as well as a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • She sees the big picture about what contributes to jaw pain, and she knows first-hand what it takes to change habits and patterns that result in lasting change. She has given considerable attention to healing from trauma and injuries herself — she understands the healing journey.
  • MaryAnn has an office in West Lake Hills, Texas, near central Austin, where she offers in-person sessions on Tuesdays only, 12-7 pm, following COVID precautions (no mouth work), and remote sessions as well, including a free TMJ consultation available by phone or on Zoom.


I’m on a mission to relieve suffering…

because you have better things to do.

What’s your next step?

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