Online scheduling down Monday, Oct. 15

I’m going to be switching online scheduling systems on Monday, October 15. You can make appointments before and after, but it will be unavailable on Monday. Thanks for your patience!

Mondays are my day off, and I will be available for all scheduled appointments.

If you need to get hold of me, please text, call, or send me an email. I will be happy to hear from you as I plunge into this complex technological task.


Update on October 16: You can schedule appointments online now at this link:

Amanda Lee, therapist, humanitarian

I just wrote about my friend Amanda on my wellness blog, She’s a therapist who spends a lot of time in Austin, and also has a base in The Netherlands.

She works with people in person and remotely. She has awesome skills and is especially good at helping motivated people resolve things quickly, based on her many years of experience working in crisis zones around the world.

For people who follow my work website but not my wellness blog, here’s a link:

Amanda is someone worth knowing and worth knowing about.

New page for Wellevate online dispensary

I’ve added a new page to this website. Wellevate is an online dispensary that I am eligible to offer you through my LMT license. You can order quality supplements, skin care products, personal care products, pet care products, essential oils, and more through me and receive a discount. You’ll recognize some of the brands as quality products.

It costs nothing to register and explore products and pricing. By ordering through me, you receive a 30% discount from Wellevate’s price, which is already discounted from the MSRPs you may pay in stores.

You do not have to be my bodywork client to benefit, but you do need to go through my page to get the 30% discount.

If you decide to buy, shipping is free for purchases of $49 or more.

Click Wellevate in the menu (or click here) to view the page. The link on the page will take you to my Wellevate account, where you can register and explore.

Have fun!

September Community Healing Circle

This is a monthly event where local healers of various types (bodyworkers, energy workers, sound healers, etc.) make themselves available for 25 minute sessions.

Receivers make a sliding scale donation of $20 to $35 for each session, and donations go to a worthy cause — nonprofits helping with immigration issues, I believe.

Yes, you can sign up for multiple sessions. If you come early, you have the most choice.

Note that the September event is on Friday, September 14, not the first weekend as it’s been in the past, and it starts later, 7-10 pm.

Same place, Soma Vida, 2324 East Cesar Chavez. Parking is in back. It’s posted as an event on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 8.54.37 AM

Back in the office on August 21

I’ve been out on vacation since August 3, and I will be taking another course from the Upledger Institute, SomatoEmotional Release 1, August 16-19.

The following day, Monday, is my regular day off, and I will definitely be needing that to recover from the intensity of the training.

I’ll be rested and ready with some new skills on Tuesday, August 21. Please text me if you have any questions, and if you’re ready you can book a session online. I look forward to working again.