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Update, 7/5/2021: I am in Taos, NM, for the rest of the summer. I’ll be back in my office in Austin on September 7.

This much-needed break is a time for me to consider how to reach more people about the benefits of intraoral manual therapy for TMJ issues, doing more writing and teaching, as well as enjoying the lovely town, people, and environment of Taos.

I’ve applied for a New Mexico massage license so that I can work in the state, but until it’s granted, I am only offering distance healing sessions (similar to SomatoEmotional Release sessions, part of craniosacral therapy, as well as training from Suzanne Scurlock) via phone and TMJ Relief consultations and sessions over Zoom for those who want to learn the skills of TMJ self-care, including working in your own mouth gently and effectively. These sessions require prepayment online.

Talking and listening and guiding do not require a massage license!

You can schedule phone and Zoom sessions on my online scheduler (

I’ll update my availability for in-person offerings in New Mexico when the situation changes.

Distance healing via phone

Part of my training in craniosacral therapy includes coursework and practice in SomatoEmotional Release, a method of working closely with what you are sensing in your body, supporting you in releasing dysfunction and expanding your vitality.

When I trained last summer in Long Distance Healing with Suzanne Scurlock, renowned body- and energy-work teacher, I realized how similar these methods are. Both are based on dialogue about your awareness of sensation and transformation. Both are an invitation to befriend and learn from your body and facilitate self-healing.

I received distance healing several times during COVID and found it very helpful. In giving distance sessions, I discovered, to my delight, that the energy in my hands is as active as it is during in-person sessions and that it can be utilized across space, part of the quantum mystery that can make distance work so powerful. I’ve used my “energy hands” to enhance self-healing on receivers, and they felt it!

To schedule a distance healing session ($100 for 75 minutes), click this link:

To buy three distance healing sessions ($250 for 75-minute sessions), click this link: You’ll receive a code to use each time you schedule a session.

To buy six distance healing sessions ($500 for 75-minute sessions), click this link: Use the code given with your purchase to schedule each session.

TMJ Relief consultations and sessions via Zoom

TMJ Relief consultations are free and can be done as easily over Zoom as in person. These can serve as a thorough intake before doing a TMJ Relief session, either over Zoom or in person. There’s never an obligation to receive a TMJ session from me, either in person or Zoom, and the consultation may help you find a practitioner with the right skills wherever you live.

Woman with jaw pain

To schedule your free 30-minute TMJ Relief consultation, click this link:

A TMJ Relief session over Zoom is a teaching session where together we focus on several areas that may contribute to, and relieve, your jaw issues, based on your specific needs:
• stress reduction
• posture evaluation and ways to improve (including sleep posture)
• habit change (would you like to no longer clench or grind your teeth?)
• easing your shoulder and neck tension
• mobilizing your TMJs
• releasing tension in your external jaw muscles
• releasing tension in your internal jaw muscles
• lymphatic drainage
• cranial decompressions
• follow-up self-care

Through all of this, I walk you through it at your pace, demonstrating with a model of a skull as well as on myself, and guide you through safely and gently working on yourself.

You may be surprised at what you notice about your jaw issues that will help you afterwards in your self-treatment.

You’ll receive a link to the Zoom recording after the session so you can rewatch the session and do self-treatments whenever your jaw tells you it needs help.

To schedule a TMJ Relief session over Zoom ($120 for 75 minutes), click this link:

To schedule a back-to-back TMJ Relief consultation and session, recommended for first-time TMJ clients ($120 for 1 hour 45 minutes), click this link:

If you have any questions about me, my work, training, knowledge, experience, your healing journeys, my healing journeys, please schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation by clicking this link:

Bodywork sessions (in person only)

Choose from these 75-minute bodywork sessions for $100-120:

• Craniosacral Therapy
• Zero Balancing + Craniosacral Therapy
• TMJ Relief

MaryAnn offers a free 30-minute TMJ Consultation.

You can now combine the free 30-minute TMJ Consultation followed by your first TMJ Relief session. This session is 1.75 hours long, for $120.

Single craniosacral therapy (and distance healing) sessions are currently offered at $100 for 75 minutes (save $20 over the usual $120 per session rate), with 3 and 6 session packages available for $250 and $500 respectively (save $36.67 per session).

MaryAnn offers online scheduling. You can choose a modality and see when she is available. Although many clients rebook a week or two out, MaryAnn occasionally has openings when clients need to reschedule. You can schedule a session up to two hours before an opening when one exists.

You may pay online when you schedule, or you may pay in person. MaryAnn accepts cash, checks, Venmo, and Square in person. Gratuities are appreciated but not required.

When you schedule your session, you’ll get a text confirmation quickly and a text reminder 48 hours before your session.

If you need to reschedule, please do so as far in advance as possible so others may use the opening. Thank you.

MaryAnn’s office is located at 5524 Bee Cave Rd., Suite G-1, West Lake Hills, TX 78746. It’s on the north side of Bee Cave Road, between the light at Redbud Trail and the light at Westlake Medical Center, next to Wild Heart Yoga. Access is easy from east, central, south, north, and west parts of the greater Austin area.

Enter the office complex. Where the driveway forks, go right to the fourth building on the right. Our building (G) is the only one with stacked rocks in front.

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