What People Are Saying

Read through these selected comments that past energy work and bodywork recipients (and my massage school owner/teacher) have made about my work. I’ve compiled them here from a variety of sources — Google, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, emails, and texts.

I deeply appreciate it when recipients take the time to share their experiences. It conveys real results from real people. Thank you all so much!


The relaxation/ meditation was wonderful. Your voice and words were soothing and comforting and the relaxing meditation put me in touch with my body. The session gave me more of an entry way and a feeling I can communicate with my body. And it created more of an awareness for me of my body sensations and noticing my observations versus interpretations and judgments. The session helped me find more compassion for my body.

~NLR, after a distance session on 5/19/2020
~~From N.V., after a distance session on 5/6/2020
~~ From M.W., after a distance session on 4/22/2020 (who told me to add “I really enjoy the way you hold space”)

From a friend I’ve worked with for years, after practicing distant healing on her:

Oh my flippin’ Goddess, it was… well adjectives fail to capture it all!    First I merged with an actively joyous dog running & playing and then 2-3 serenely content cats; I time traveled to all these crystal clear memories, even from my infancy or when I was a toddler… of deep belly laughing (or how an infant or toddler laughs with complete abandon & with their entire body)!   My energy body carried me back physically to my FAV Maui waterfall, Alelele, and all the myriad sounds from the waterfall, pool and stream morphed into the voices of friends laughing; then I saw friends, family… all sorts of moments of laughing together. I was laughing and then crying for a solid 20 minutes as hundreds of memories downloaded.   Near the end of the session, it  seemed I felt rather than saw Mom – Amakua Mary- tapping her “magic crystal wand” and I was transported into my internal Sanctuary (created this over 25 yrs. ago as my inner healing, Visioning, energy integrating, clearing Hucha and more “Happy” place). Now I briefly saw the new addition, my  Hall of Laughter!!    From the outside it looks like a faceted clear crystal… maybe as if quartz were cut and shaped into  a biodome, about the size of a big RV… with no apparent doors or windows.    Suddenly, I simply knew and so thought the magic questionand then…    Was inside floating within this Prism with rainbow light streaks everywhere and some diffuse wavy light beams like northern lights.   From the inside all those hundreds of facets acted as reflectors, yet not of light…   Inside the essence of every single moment of laughter I had EVER experienced – within me, generated by me, witnessed as others laughed, ones where groups of folks were all swept into  spontaneously laughing together, my many laughing orgasms from ecstatic dance happenings – was simply there.    Within this magic space, I floated on streams of Laughter of every intensity and form … big, whole body laughs with and without tears to chuckles to giggles to tiny titterings!!!    I could hear the harmonics and FEEL the vibrations of each and ALL while I simply floated there… so relaxed, blissful… FULL, an embodiment of the sweetest JOY!

L.M, 3/22/2020

I can laugh and smile now without pain! (after the 4th TMJ Relief session. — D.W., 3/3/20

Chase completed the 5-session TMJ Relief package.

Now I can eat a banana. (She completed the TMJ Relief program). — N.F., 12/12/19

Thank you for everything! I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate the work you did! So far it’s made a really big difference. (She did the TMJ Relief Program.) — G.M., 12/2/19

Just wanted to let you know that everything went well w the tooth extraction… Thank you for all of your help and support… Oh, and I can open my mouth twice as wide now! (She had 3 TMJ Relief sessions before having a tooth removed.) — K.D., 11/29/19

Shout out and acknowledgement of the powerful Biodynamics abilities of MaryAnn Reynolds, LMT.  Yesterday after only 45 minutes on her table at her lovely Westlake studio, I walked away so peaceful and deeply content… not only physically flexible… also feeling a divinely High level of freedom, energy and Gratitude for being so ALIVE! I have not felt this good in 40 years!! Connect with her today for massage, craniosacral, relief from TMJ, Zero Balancing and/or my favorite — Biodynamics!!! — Linaka Joy

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.21.49 PM

Madeleine (below) received my newest offering, Heavenly Head Massage:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.06.38 PM

Linaka Joy received several ZBnB sessions:

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.09.58 PM
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.08.26 PM
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 7.50.31 AM

The client below received craniosacral therapy after injuring her jaw.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 10.07.11 AM
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.23.18 AM

Anonymous, 8/19/18: “I had 2 treatments from Mary Ann for TMJ dysfunction. When I first saw her, I was in pain even with 2 ibuprofens and barely able to open my mouth at all. It hurt to eat even tiny bits of food. Sleeping was painful even with a night guard. After one treatment, there was vast improvement, and I was able to go off of pain meds, but still did not have full range of motion in mouth, and eating was somewhat painful. After 2 treatments, I could open my mouth wide, and had no pain eating. Mary Ann’s manner is professional yet warm. I highly recommend her for TMJ issues.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 4.25.59 PM

A.T., 7/18: “A true healer in Austin. She is warm-hearted, caring, very experienced and full of wisdom. I have gone for 3 visits and each one has left me feeling phenomenal. I had feelings of feeling much taller and elongated, oxygen flowing through all of my body like it was getting a fresh breeze of air everywhere in my body. TMJ session that helped open up my jaw that has been tight for years! If you are looking for some healing, MaryAnn can help you exponentially!”

J.C., 7/7/18, after a concussion treatment: “Thank you for your excellent care yesterday. I felt wonderful all afternoon and evening, almost as if the fog had lifted. My anxiety was minimal and I just felt ‘normal’! Hopefully, today continues down that same path!”

D.B., 6/18/18: “MaryAnn Reynolds worked magic with my jaw-pain issues. I highly recommend her treatment!”

K.R., 5/22/18: “…When you were done, I knew it was good medicine for my spirit and energy. I felt renewed and recharged… I feel like your sessions are really helping connect with what’s good within me and all around me and things are moving.”

G.K., 4/11/18: “I came to see you when I first began experiencing TMJ symptoms. It only took one session since it was in the early stages, and I’ve had no symptoms since. You were also mindful of my muscle spasticity, so it didn’t trigger more problems with the surrounding muscles in my head and neck. It works!”

Lisa D, 4/11/18: “After telling MaryAnn about the tension I was holding in my jaw, she suggested a release technique. The effects were immediate. I left our session feeling tremendous relief.”

David Lauterstein, co-owner of Lauterstein-Conway Massage School (who has taught me so much), 3/18 on Google: “I am so happy that Austin boasts therapists of the caliber and devotion of MaryAnn Reynolds. She is a therapist who has so many tools at her disposal! Cranio-sacral therapy, orthopedics, studies in Zero Balancing, as well as all the basic massage modalities. She is a gifted, skilled, and imaginative healer. Treat yourself to becoming her client!”

D.H., 10/7/17: “My neck feels so much better and funny I didn’t even realize how bound up it was! Also, my sacrum area feels so much better. I often have pain in this area, particularly when sitting, and this seems to have lessened considerably.”

K.C., 5/25/17: “MaryAnn, I’m amazed! I had a lot of pain in my knee on Tuesday, after our session, but yesterday and today, I’m having almost no discomfort. I have full range of motion in my knee today, with very little discomfort. Yesterday in my evening meditation, I visualized my liquid body; all my body fluids flowing, unimpeded, with just the right amount of pressure, through my lower body joints. Wow. I’m encouraged!”

M.C., 3/20/17: “I’ve really felt a drastic change in my mood and energy level since starting my craniosacral treatments with MaryAnn. I was dealing with intense emotional trauma and grief that left me feeling severely depressed and unable to perform regular daily activities. After one treatment my mental state drastically shifted. I was able to discuss what had happened to me without the emotional weight of the experience taking over. I go monthly now for craniosacral work to maintain the increased energy it provides me and to help with the neck pain I have from two different whiplash injuries. Huge fan of MaryAnn!”

L.S., 3/10/17: “I’m an Alexander teacher, and I felt like craniosacral therapy released some tensions at the back of my head. My whole skull and system are experiencing some freedom they don’t normally have.”

L.W., 1/31/17, after Zero Balancing: “MaryAnn is a very gifted healer whose greatest asset is her presence of touch, listening, and empathy. She is a master with many modalities to choose for a very personally tailored healing session. She is fully engaged and conscious as she works and my result was profound relaxation, release of a specific pain area, and a whole different sense of my center of gravity which made good posture effortless.”

C.R., 8/18/16, after Zero Balancing: “I had such a feeling of lightness, like I was full of little holes with air blowing through them. It was wonderful.”

T.N., 5/23/16:I received three Zero Balancing sessions from Mary Ann over the course of three weeks. I noticed that each session produced subtle yet noticeable changes to my posture and gait. All of the sessions were effective in reducing muscular aches and pains and reducing stress… I also became more responsive to the treatments as we went along. During the second and third sessions, I fell asleep quickly when MaryAnn started working… It seemed that this heightened the relaxation and stress reduction I experienced, and I came away with a restful nap in addition to the other benefits of Zero Balancing.”

E.M., 5/23/16: “I highly recommend Zero Balancing to anyone who enjoys bodywork and massage. Zero Balancing produced significant, noticeable improvements to my pain and stress, and MaryAnn is a highly skilled, fun, cheerful and pleasant practitioner. I can say without reservation that I was fully satisfied and highly impressed with the Zero Balancing treatments I received from MaryAnn. I felt lighter, without being spacy, like I was taller, unsquished.”

R.R., 3/16/16: “As someone who’s had neck injuries due to car accidents, I’ve been to more massage therapists than I can count, physical therapy and Chiropractors. MaryAnn in one session did what it typically took months to resolve in other modalities. I could turn my head, my dizziness subsided, the pain level decreased measurably. Her hands were very intuitive to where my issues are. I can say without any hesitation she is phenomenal. If you’re in pain, run, don’t walk to her studio. You’ll be glad that you did!”

L.F., 10/1/15: “The intraoral Cranial Sacral Therapy that MaryAnn Reynolds provided for me on Tuesday transformed my jaws from clenching to relaxation and my head from throbbing to calm… Bless you, MaryAnn Angel. Together we’re touching upon a thread of core issues relating to my relationship with my father, and they’re living in my jaws. You’re helping me access and heal them.”

A.H., 10/10/14: “It is all A plus with Maryann. I go in crazy and come out in peace. I sleep better with her cranial work. I feel better with all the other things she does, so talented in so many areas of massage and bodywork. Don’t miss this opportunity. She has sweet, peaceful energy and you can absorb it.”

J.M., 4/14/14: “I’ve received many massages from Mary Ann, and am very satisfied! After the last one, she gave me a craniosacral treatment which helped me sleep through the night for the first time in weeks.”

K.D., 10/29/13: “It’s been a pretty busy several days since I saw you. I think the massage helped a lot. My jaw feels less tight and more even left to right, so that’s got to be a good thing.”

J.W., 1/30/13: “That [biodynamics]was very relaxing. It does feel very much like being in the womb and being cradled. The only other time I recall having that feeling was during watsu – where it felt that way during the treatment, whereas this was an after feeling.”