TMJ Relief.

I help people with jaw pain find support and help in several ways.

Evaluate your jaw problems.

Do you clench your teeth?

Does your jaw hurt when you chew?

Do you have problems sleeping because of jaw pain?

The Jaw Pain Quiz takes 3 minutes.

You’ll be asked 25 simple questions about your symptoms, history, habits, stress, and quality of life.

Based on your answers, you can determine what your right next step is.

Join the Facebook group.

Join the community. You are not alone.

Word of Mouth: Resources for Relieving Jaw Pain/Dysfunction is a growing Facebook group for people who want to find solutions for their jaw pain.

Schedule a TMJ Relief consultation and/or session.

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So many people spend years suffering from jaw pain because it’s hard to find someone who can really help.

Most massage therapists and physical therapists do not specialize in intraoral therapy for TMJ issues.

Skilled help with jaw issues, beyond simply wearing a dental appliance, is available.

You’ll feel a difference after your first TMJ Relief session with me.

First timers: Please schedule a Combination TMJ Consultation Plus TMJ Relief session. You get a 30-minute consultation for free.

The TMJ Consultation helps me learn about you so I can better address your specific issues. I’m interested in learning about your symptoms, history, and habits, and in looking at possible co-factors for TMJ issues.

What are your goals for treatment?

During the TMJ Consultation, I teach you how to transform a clenching habit into what I call Relaxed Resting Mouth Position, if that applies to you.

This will be homework for you, to repeatedly use a simple technique that replaces a habit you don’t want — that overworks your jaw muscles — with a new habit you want.

Having done a TMJ Consultation, you get more relaxing time on the table in your first TMJ Relief session, since the consultation serves as an intake. When the consultation is over, it’s time to get on the table and receive some skilled bodywork!

TMJ Relief sessions are designed to start with relaxation, with the intraoral work in the middle being done as gently as possible while still being effective, and ending with a feel-good technique.

I know, it’s weird to have someone’s gloved finger in your mouth!

I watch you closely for signs of discomfort and encourage you to let me know if you need me to remove my finger from your mouth.

I know exactly where to touch, and people tell me (after I take my finger out of their mouth, of course), “You were in exactly the right place.”

It may feel like a “hurts so good” pain. That’s your tense internal jaw muscle responding to gentle massage.

Then I invite you to move your jaw and feel the difference, before and after.

TMJ Relief sessions end with relaxation to help your system integrate the therapeutics.

Who doesn’t want more relaxing bodywork?

Jaw tension often reverts somewhat after a single TMJ Relief session, especially when your body-mind system has been holding this strain pattern for months, years, or decades, and when your clenching or grinding habit keeps contributing to it. (See homework, above.)

It usually takes several TMJ Relief sessions to train your system to retain the new, healthier pattern of ease and spaciousness in your jaws.

With each session, along with you changing your habits, your system becomes more familiar with this new way of holding itself, and at some point, it determines that the new way feels better, and that becomes your new default: a more relaxed, aligned, functional jaw.

For this reason, I offer a package of Four 75-Minute TMJ Relief Sessions — with and without a payment plan.

For best results, schedule these sessions within 5 to 8 weeks.

Learn to work in your own mouth to relieve your own jaw issues.

Newest offering: Self-Treatment for TMJ Issues on Zoom.

Do you have TMJ issues and don’t live near a skilled manual therapist to relieve your muscle tension and pain, reduce clicking and popping, help you open wide enough to receive dental work, and/or improve jaw alignment? 

Is manual therapy for your TMJ issues too expensive?

I can help. I’ve been doing TMJ Relief work since 2013 and have experience teaching self-treatment in private sessions and classes on Zoom. 

Why continue to suffer when you don’t have to? Help is available. Click here to schedule a 60-minute session for $135. You’ll receive a brief video recapping the mouth work and personal recommendations based on contributing factors.

Note: Due to sharing wifi with another online teacher, you can schedule Zoom sessions online only on Wednesdays. If you need another day, please call me (512-507-4184) and I can give you some other options. 

You have better things to do than suffer, don’t you?

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