TMJ Relief.

MaryAnn helps people with jaw pain find support and help in several ways.

Evaluate your jaw problems.

Do you clench your teeth?

Does your jaw hurt when you chew?

Do you have problems sleeping because of jaw pain?

The Jaw Pain Quiz takes 3 minutes.

You’ll be asked 25 simple questions about your symptoms, history, habits, stress, and quality of life.

Based on your answers, you can determine what your right next step is.

Join the Facebook group.

Join the community. You are not alone.

Word of Mouth: Resources for Relieving Jaw Pain/Dysfunction is a growing Facebook group for people who want to find solutions for their jaw pain.

Schedule a TMJ Relief consultation or session on Zoom.

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So many people spend years suffering from jaw pain because it’s hard to find someone who can really help.

Most massage therapists and physical therapists do not specialize in intraoral therapy for TMJ issues.

Skilled help with jaw issues, beyond simply wearing a dental appliance, is available, but you have to find the right practitioner, and you may have to travel.

Now you can learn to treat yourself in your own home, guided by an expert, on Zoom. You can schedule a free 30-minute TMJ consultation and a 75-minute TMJ Relief session on Zoom. You can schedule the consultation and session back to back if you wish.

MaryAnn will share helpful tips about habits, structural alignment, and stress relief, all of which can contribute to jaw pain.

She shows you how to release tension in your neck, shoulders, and external jaw muscles, which feed TMJ pain.

She shows you how to work in your own mouth, first on a model of a skull, then on herself, and then guides you at your pace to find the tense internal jaw muscles and gently release the tension.

MaryAnn records the session on Zoom and sends you a link to download the video so you can refer to it later while working on yourself.

What would your life be like without jaw pain?

Schedule an in-person TMJ Relief consultation and session in Austin.

MaryAnn also offers private TMJ consultations, TMJ Relief sessions, and a back-to-back consultation and session at her office in West Lake Hills, Texas, near downtown Austin.

It uses the same flow as the Zoom sessions, except instead of having you work on yourself, MaryAnn does the work — including Zero Balancing for structure and energy, massage techniques including myofascial release, intraoral work, lymphatic drainage, and craniosacral therapy.

You get to receive.

She has resumed offering a TMJ Relief package: buy 5 sessions and save $50. (Be sure to schedule a free TMJ Consultation before your first TMJ Relief session.)

Why 5 sessions? Because after the first session, after time (a few days or a couple of weeks) passes, your body will start reverting to its previous state — not all the way, though. Receiving five sessions over 6 to 8 weeks retrains your tissues, energy, and habits to adapt to a more functional pattern that you’ll enjoy.

In addition…

Learn more about MaryAnn’s training and experience doing TMJ Relief on the About page, and what others are saying about her TMJ work.

Read articles MaryAnn has written for people suffering from TMJ issues on the Articles page.

Check out the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow on my Products I Recommend page if you are a side or back sleeper. It comes in different sizes for different shoulder widths and keeps your head and spine aligned while you sleep, which plays a big role in the alignment of your TMJs.

…because you have better things to do than suffer.

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