New service: Learn Self-Treatment for TMJ Issues on Zoom

This is a new service I’m offering because I know that most people with TMJ issues (1) don’t live near a skilled intra-oral manual therapist who can help, (2) are frustrated by TMJ treatments that don’t help much and don’t last, and (3) would love to learn how to treat themselves, any time, any where, for nothing but the initial cost of learning!

Teach a man to fish, right?

It’s not hard. If you are willing to get your fingers wet and can tell the difference between soft tissue and hard, I can teach you to release tension in your often-overworked internal jaw muscles that cause so many TMJ issues.

We’ll learn about your TMJ issues — your symptoms, history, habits, and co-factors.

We’ll do some breathwork, stretching, and exercises to help you loosen up.

We’ll go slowly and gently, at your pace and comfort level, to locate your muscles and coax the tension out of them.

One of the great benefits of working on yourself is that you are in control of the pace and pressure.

The most common reason these muscles become overworked is clenching or grinding your teeth. These are habitual, often unconscious, responses to stress that create strain patterns in your body that affect your TMJs.

I will teach you how to change these habits.

I record the working part of the session and send the video to you later, so you’ll have it to watch the first few times you work on yourself, by yourself. (You can also schedule a free phone consultation if you have any questions afterwards.)

You’ll have the support you need to treat yourself with confidence.

I’ve been working in people’s mouths since 2013 and have taught self-treatment for TMJ issues on Zoom in both private sessions and classes. 

Imagine what your life would be like without jaw pain, clenching, or grinding. Would it free you up for more of what you enjoy? 

Click here to schedule a 75-minute Self-Treatment for TMJ Issues on Zoom Session for $150.