Welcome. If you are considering working with me, please read through my policies so you know what to expect. I’m happy to answer any questions you have: text or voicemail to 512-507-4184.


Bodywork sessions are by appointment only. You may schedule your own appointment online. You may also contact me first (preferably scheduling a free phone consultation or leaving a voicemail so I can return your call) if you have any questions.

Please try to arrive 5 minutes early to decompress before your session. (See the maps and instructions for finding my office on the Schedule page.)

If possible, allow yourself some down-time after your session to integrate.

Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. I send a reminder email and text 48 hours in advance of your start time.

If you need to reschedule, please be kind and do so as soon as possible. You may reschedule your appointment yourself online or by emailing, texting, or leaving a voicemail for me.

If you miss an appointment with less than 24 hours of notice, you will be responsible for full payment for the session.


Initial appointments/90 minute sessions: $165.

Follow-up appointments/60 minute sessions: $135.

Multi-session packages are 10 percent off the prices above. You may request a custom, interest-free payment plan if you need one.


When you schedule yourself online, you prepay with a credit card.

If you prefer to pay with cash, check, or a cash app, I will need to schedule your session for you, so please leave a voicemail at 512-507-4184.

I do not accept tips. However, I do appreciate feedback and spreading the word intentionally about what my work does for you.

And…in these times, a Google review goes a long way!

I accept Health Care Savings Account (HCSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.

I do not work with insurance, but if you request a receipt, I can provide one after your session(s) that you can submit for reimbursement.

COVID policy.

If the level of threat is high, our office requires masks at all times, regardless of vaccination status, in the common areas of our office suite as well as in our private offices.

If you forget your mask, we have extras available.

If the level of threat is lower, masking is up to you. If you request it, I will don a mask.

During the intraoral portion of TMJ Relief sessions, I request you to be fully vaccinated (preferably with booster/s) to receive intraoral work.

You obviously will need to unmask to receive the intraoral work. Before I work in your open mouth, please swish your mouth thoroughly with an antiseptic solution I provide to protect both of us.

I run a Winix a230 air filter at all times when I am working that more than meets CDC/WHO standards, filtering the air in my office every 15 minutes.

If you have a sore throat, fever, or other symptoms of illness, please reschedule your session.