Make an Appointment

At the start of every session, we discuss your issues and I have you map your areas of discomfort, and we proceed from there. If you want us to design your session after you arrive, simply select the total table time you want:

You may prefer to read descriptions on the Craniosacral Therapy, Integrative Massage, or Structure + Energy pages and choose specific combinations. To read what other recipients have shared about my work and some of the ways that I have combined modalities, see my Happy Clients page.

FYI, my favorite modalities for whole body-mind well-being are to start with 10 minutes or so of Zero Balancing and follow it with craniosacral biodynamics. ZB aligns your structure and improves your flow of energy, and biodynamics gets your whole system to function even more optimally, as if all your cells and the fields around you are operating more harmoniously and your inherent healing process is working more effectively.

You will receive a confirmation/reminder email shortly after scheduling. If you do not receive one, please try again or call me at (512) 507-4184. If you have any problems scheduling online or prefer to speak to me first, please call. I return calls as promptly as I can.

My office hours are 9 – 6 Tuesday through Thursday, 9 – 5 on Fridays, and 9 – 4 on Saturdays.


Clients pay for their session or package after the session. To encourage regular sessions and provide the convenience of prepaying for sessions, I offer discounts for rescheduling within 6 weeks and for buying packages.

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Packages never expire. You may share packages with family members or friends. You may use various session lengths up to the total time purchased.

Rescheduling and Canceling

If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, you can reschedule your appointment online yourself or call/text me. Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance so others may use the time I have set aside for you, or you will be charged.

Home Visits

I offer home visits for existing clients (or after a face-to-face meeting) if you have a massage table at home. My home visit rate is my regular rate plus a travel fee of $20-50, depending on the distance. Packages are available for regular home visits.

If you’d like to purchase a massage table for your home, Morningstar Trading Company sells tables and accessories three ways:

  • in person (1919 S. First)
  • by phone (512-476-1726)
  • online

Morningstar delivers in the Austin area for free the next business day.