How Sessions Work

At the start of every session, we discuss your issues and I have you map your areas of discomfort to come up with a session plan. I will ask about your discomfort level so we have a baseline from which to gauge how your body responds to the work.

I check in with you during each session, and you can give me feedback at any time.

Afterwards, I may offer homework that will speed your healing. I recommend a treatment plan, which may be stacking some sessions up front to really feel a difference quickly, and then a well-being maintenance program when you need it.

Online Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, select the total table time you want by clicking a link below. You can see what’s open in my calendar:

Or you may text or call me (please leave a voicemail) and I’ll get back to you.

If you don’t have a specific issue in mind and are adventurous in your quest for well-being, my favorite combination for providing whole body-mind well-being is to start with Zero Balancing and follow it with craniosacral biodynamics in a 90-minute session. These are not well-known bodywork modalities, and they take several years of extra training to master, but they are very effective.

Zero Balancing aligns your body’s structure, which improves your flow of energy. You will experience your body differently when you get off the table.

Biodynamics gets your whole system to function better, with your cells operating more coherently and harmoniously and your natural healing processes working more effectively.

Both of these modalities keep working on you for a few days after a session, and the more often you receive them, the better your system integrates the changes.

Read more on my What Clients Are Saying page.

You will receive a confirmation/reminder email shortly after scheduling. If you do not receive one, please try again or text/call me at (512) 507-4184.

If you have any problems scheduling online or if you prefer to speak to me first, please call and leave a message. I return calls as promptly as I can. You can also opt in for an SMS (text) reminder the day before your session.

My office hours are 10 – 6 Tuesday through Friday, and 10 – 4 on Saturday.

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (3% added for credit card processing fees).

Rescheduling and Canceling

If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, you can reschedule your appointment online yourself or call/text me. Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance so others may use the time I set aside for you to avoid being charged.

Home Visits

I offer home visits for existing clients (or if new, after meeting you in person) if you have a massage table at home.

Please note that my office building is not accessible for those with mobility issues. There are curbs, steps, and an uphill walk between the parking lot and front door, with no ramps, railings, or handicap parking.

Please call if this could deter you from making an appointment, so we can discuss a home visit.





TMJ Relief

If you have jaw pain, misalignment, tension, clenching, grinding, clicking, or popping (temporomandibular joint issues), I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your jaw problems, learn your history, evaluate your posture, assess your neck and jaw range of motion, and find out if you are a good candidate for the treatment I provide.

If you are a good candidate, I recommend my TMJ Relief Package. This is a series of 5 treatments over 4 weeks.

Most, but not all, jaw issues are caused by muscle tension. I can help your body release tight muscles, including your internal jaw muscles, and also help you with posture and stress — frequently the silent partners of jaw pain.

Even though just one session provides relief that is often dramatic, this series is designed to retrain your system for lasting, long-term relief. The package includes education and self-care techniques that you can do as homework.

If you’d like to continue to work with me on relief from stress and improving your posture, I offer a package of 5 Custom Sessions at a savings over single sessions. You can come in monthly or use them when you wish.

Or if you prefer, come in for single Custom Sessions.