Summer in Taos.

I’m returning to Taos this summer for what’s become an annual sojourn to revel in the beauty of mountains and desert, small town life, and the much cooler summer.

Yes, bodyworkers — even craniosacral therapists — need nervous system resets too! Since last summer (2021), I’ve plunged into a foundation training in Craniosacral Biodynamics which has involved travelling to and from Washington, DC, four times, through packed airports and on packed airplanes.

Then, of course, I was highly motivated to put my enhanced skills into practice! I started offering sessions at West Holistic Medicine in downtown Austin in February, in addition to staying busy at my West Lake Hills office.

An automobile accident in mid-April totalled my car and sent shock and disarray through my system. I’ve gotten to observe first-hand the effects of shock on my mind, body, and energy.

I’m working with a physical therapist/yoga therapist on alignment issues and so far it appears I will come out ahead on my scoliosis from where I was before the accident.

It takes time to recover from shock and stress, and I’m giving myself the downtime to renew and restore.

Working in Taos

I now have a New Mexico massage license (MT9524) and will be offering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and TMJ Relief sessions while there, starting slowly to integrate work into my Taos life at a leisurely pace.

I look forward to becoming part of the wellness community in Taos.

If you’ll be in that part of the world and desire a session, or if you know someone there whom you believe needs to know about me, let’s connect. The best ways are to call (please leave a voicemail) or text me at 512-507-4184. You can also email me at My flyer with QR code is up on CID’s bulletin board.

Winter Corn Place, 638 Fernandez Rd., is where I’ll be working.

Park in front of the arch on the left as you enter the parking lot (shown below), enter through that gate, and walk through the garden to the only door on that side…the door to my treatment room. I’ll be waiting for you.