New referral partners

I’ve made some additions to my referral partners for TMJ Relief:

  • Brodie Lane Dental
  • Dr. William C. Snow, DDS, on Medical Parkway
  • Dr. Vinay Parameswara and Dr. Aditi Sule in Oak Hill
  • Austin Wellness Collaborative
  • Dr. Franklin Bonasso, oral surgeon

These professionals are among those who are interested in referring patients to me for TMJ sessions, and I want to return the favor. If you’re looking for a doctor, dentist, oral surgeon, or chiropractor, check out this list. It includes the part of Austin they are located in.

Referral partners for TMJ Relief

I am happy to announce my referral partners among Austin, Texas, wellness practitioners. If you’re looking for a dentist, chiropractor, or doctor in Austin, these professionals care about their patients enough to refer TMJ cases to me, and in turn I refer people to them.

I include their locations because as big as Austin is getting, that can make a difference.

Dr. Elizabeth Rayne, DDS, is the first dentist who asked for my business cards after learning I do craniosacral therapy and TMJ sessions. Thank you! She’s known for her holistic practice in Austin. She’s located in south central Austin at Ben White and Bannister.

Dr. Sue Muschett, DC, of Synergy Chiropractic & Bodywork has been sending patients with TMJ pain/dysfunction to me. Her patients have told me how helpful and generous she is. Sue is also a massage therapist, a great combination of skills, and she is an expert on how to improve your movement with specific exercises. She’s located in south central Austin near Ben White and Manchaca.

Dr. Sid Cunningham, DDS, located in south Austin at William Cannon and I-35, heard about my TMJ Relief work first-hand from Dr. Sue and requested my business cards. I met with him. He’s a caring dentist with a lot of experience and connections. If you have jaw pain or dysfunction, Dr. Cunningham can accommodate you in tending to your dentistry needs.

Dr. Ameet Trivedi, DDS, of Honest Family Dental (south Austin near I-35 and Ben White) is someone I met through the Austin Wellness Collaborative. He cares about his patients, researches and adopts new technologies, and is connected with those who can provide advanced services when needed. He can work with your needs if you have jaw pain or dysfunction. Also, his office has the cutest little poodle name Mushroom (whom I believe serves as a therapy dog).

By the way, the Austin Wellness Collaborative is a group of health care professionals with a searchable online directory. Members practice numerous modalities from acupuncture to yoga.

November 2018 additions: I’m adding Dr. Vinay Parameswara of Oak Hill Wellness Center (southwest Austin near William Cannon and 290). He’s an integrative doctor who takes health insurance, including Medicare. He’s my doctor, and I just love how he really listens, asks questions, and takes notes to get to the root of a problem rather than just treating symptoms. He’s the most highly educated doctor I know, yet very down to earth. He works with his wife Dr. Aditi Sule, and she’s a pediatrician.

Also, Brodie Lane Dental (Dr. Statz, southwest Austin on Brodie near William Cannon) has my cards and invitations, as does the office of Dr. William C. Snow (centrally located on Medical Parkway), both new additions to the list of dentists with whom I have referral partnerships.

Dr. Franklin Bonasso, DDS, is an oral surgeon located near 32nd and Red River in central Austin. When TMJ clients have jaw problems that I am unable to resolve, Dr. Bonasso can order an MRI to view the jaws in motion and pinpoint the issue. Most jaw issues involve some muscle tension, and occasionally it’s more complicated. Dr. Bonasso has a very good reputation in Austin for doing jaw surgery right when it’s the right thing to do.

If you are a dentist, physical therapist, doctor, or otherwise provide services to people experiencing jaw pain and/or dysfunction and are interested in a referral partnership, and you would like to be included here, please contact me.