Self-care tools make great gifts!

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I’ve updated my recommended Self-Care Tools page with current prices on Amazon. If you’re looking to give someone (or request for yourself) the best tool to ease tight shoulders, a neck cradle that relieves tension, a pillow that maintains good neck alignment for side and back sleepers, a sandal that gives you a foot massage with every step — and a few other recommendations — check them out here!

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I also make more extensive recommendations on my wellness blog’s page, Products I Recommend. If you’re looking for cookbooks for a healthier diet, supplements, and more general wellness books, you can check out my recommendations here.

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The health path with heart: good medicine

I just got a note from a dear friend, who also happens to be one of my current clients. She wrote:

Hi, MaryAnn! I wanted to tell you about something really good that’s happening to/within me. I think it’s directly related to your sessions.
I’m revisiting everything health-related in my life. I have so much to learn!
I asked the universe for some help getting going on this project, and you offered me that first session. When you were done, I knew it was good medicine for my spirit and energy. I felt renewed and recharged. I’m so grateful for the ongoing sessions!
I’ve continued asking/demanding help from the universe. I just haven’t known what else to do.
I feel like your sessions are really helping connect with what’s good within me and all around me and things are moving. This week, someone gifted me with this thing called Sun Basket. They ship fresh, organic food every week, in a giant box, with everything you need to make 3 meals for 2. They had paleo-esque choices, which I loved. I cooked all three meals and we loved them!
And then I found a health tracking and information app that’s is the best I’ve tried by far. It’s helped me get a handle on so much!
Anyways, thank you for your bright light and your continued presence for good in my life. Your sessions are helping me in so many ways.
Much love.
This is deeply warms my heart for a couple of reasons.
One, my friend empowered herself to revisit everything health-related in her life. How awesome is that?
Have you ever thought of that? Where would you start?
The connection between life and health isn’t usually in our faces as long as we — and those close to us — are not having problems. We’re just living. Yet we are all vulnerable humans, one virus or accident away from losing freedom, joy, and abilities at least temporarily.
Some health issues have a genetic component. Some build over time due to our habits, and when we reach a certain age, we start wanting to take better care of ourselves.
We may see our loved ones go through difficult medical treatments, which can inspire us to take better care of ourselves now.
Two, she asked the universe for help. Is that not awesome as well? Sometimes when I do that, I don’t get a clear answer right away. But I’m still listening — that’s key. Then something shows up.
My friend met opportunity and said yes, and afterward she assessed. She felt it was good medicine for her spirit and energy. She felt renewed and recharged.
How do you tell when something is good medicine for you?
And then something else shows up on the healthy path. And so on. That’s a juicy organic way to get on the health path with heart. It’s not full of fear or compulsive behavior. It’s a journey of asking, listening, saying yes, and assessing.
What inspires you to take care of your health? To learn about what health is and what it is not, and what you can do to improve it and maintain it?
And most of all, how can you do that in a way that brings you joy and well-being and balance?