Want to learn how to meditate?

I subscribe to David Cain’s blog Raptitude. He just put up this wonderful post that is a complete guide to actually getting somewhere with meditation. (That’s the title!)

If you have time on your hands while sheltering in place and you’d like to start meditating, try meditating again only this time with better guidance, or explain meditation to non-meditators, this is for you.

It’s written in down to earth, common sense language that explains some of the difficulties of learning to meditate. It helps you identify what stage you’re in, and provides some guidance for getting through the parts where you’re wondering if you’re doing it right, have questions, want to give up, and more.

Anyway, while we’re hunkering down and sheltering in place, learning how to meditate could serve you well, with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that can help you and your loved ones get through this pandemic with a little more equanimity and resilience.