TMJ Referrals

Many of my TMJ clients have been referred to me by other professionals, including chiropractors, dentists, doctors, and massage therapists. For that I am grateful, and I believe so are our mutual patients.

I have referral partnerships with professionals in the above modalities, and I’m open to creating more, as well as connecting with PTs, OTs, DOs — anyone who encounters people with jaw pain in their profession, who doesn’t have a good solution to offer themselves.

Many people suffer needlessly from chronic jaw pain. They are more likely to be under 40 and female, but not always. Sometimes their jaw pain is simply an annoying, constant subtractor of pleasure, and sometimes it progresses in severity.

Finding someone who can help — who can gently relieve tension in the external and internal jaw muscles after a brief full-body alignment and relaxing bodywork on the neck and head — is the biggest obstacle that keeps people suffering…

…and I’m pretty sure all of these folks have something much better to do than suffer.

To learn more about my work, please check out What People Are Saying.

My TMJ Relief page provides details on my services, including my free 30-minute consultation that can be scheduled online.

So that you feel comfortable referring people to me, I am happy to do the following:

  • offer a “lunch and learn” to you and your staff about how we can collaborate to serve these suffering people better
  • learn more about your practice: what you specialize in and love doing, who your ideal patients are, what part of greater Austin you are located in, what you do when people complain of jaw pain
  • exchange referral materials (business cards, brochures, etc.)

Then you will be equipped to look like a rock star to your patients who are suffering from jaw tension, pain, and/or dysfunction.

If they schedule a free consultation, we’ll go over their history. I’ll evaluate their posture, neck, and jaw, and we’ll discuss treatment options. There’s no charge, no pressure, no obligation.

When my patients tell me they are looking for a dentist, chiropractor, therapist, doctor, or other healthcare professional, I can ask a few questions and refer them to the best fit in terms of services and location.

Sound like a good exchange? If you’re interested, please text me or call (leaving a voicemail) 512-507-4184, or send a confidential message using the Contact page on this website.