What people are saying about Biodynamics…

“I slept much better.”

~ AL, November 2021

“It felt like a cloud was moving up from my feet, that I didn’t recognize. It settled in and felt healing. I felt some little sensations in my chest that felt like dead cells coming back to life. Felt very fluid.”

~ AK, October 2021

“That was weird. Were you even here the whole time? I couldn’t feel you touching me. It was like you disappeared, and I disappeared. I was awake the whole time. It must have been an altered state.”

~ CB, October 2021

Facebook post and text from long-time client LM, October 2021

After trading biodynamic sessions with AA, October 2021

From long-time client LD, October 2021

Two texts from MG, October 2021

It’s such a gift 💝 thank you

~ JH, October 2021

“You did such a great job of helping me relieve the issue, I’m so grateful for the change you made in my life. You will always be at the top of my list for referrals for tmj relief and cranial sacral.”

~ BT, July 2021