Self-Care for Jaw Pain.

Your journey to a pain-free jaw starts here.

If you’ve gotten this far, you could be on the verge of making a big shift.

You have a unique opportunity to learn to apply healing techniques to yourself without needing years of training, in a one-to-one online learning session with an experienced TMJ manual therapist.

You’ll feel a difference after one session, and you’ll receive a Zoom video of the session so that you can repeat your self-treatment as needed.

It’s very likely that, with a few repetitions over a few weeks, you will experience change that lasts: a more relaxed jaw, little to no jaw pain, and better alignment — and you’ll have the knowledge and skills to treat yourself if your jaw pain ever returns for years to come.

It’s easier than you think to make this change in your life.

Let’s make that happen together.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with MaryAnn if you have any questions about whether this is right for you.

Proven steps to eliminate jaw pain.

It’s rarely straightforward. Nearly always, multiple factors contribute to your jaw pain.

Reduce stress.

It starts with awareness — how do you know when you’re stressed? Hint: Stress always includes muscle tension.

Next: Can you stop feeling stress about things you can’t control in the moment — can you let them go and relax?

We’ll practice simple stress reduction techniques, and you’ll find a favorite that really works for you. You’ll feel more centered, grounded, and relaxed, and this technique will be available whenever you need it for the rest of your life.

Replace the clenching habit.

Clenching is a habit you can change when you have reminders to check on your jaw tension and an alternative when you catch yourself clenching. With repetition, your unconscious mind will at some point decide it prefers being relaxed more than being tense, and relaxation will become the new default.

To stop grinding during sleep is more involved, but MaryAnn can point you in the right direction.

Free your body.

Poor posture can contribute to jaw pain. So can dysfunctional movement patterns. We’ll evaluate body symmetry, and MaryAnn will recommend practices to help ease pain and facilitate full range of movement.

We’ll do some fun movement to loosen up and release shoulder and neck tension. After all, motion is lotion.

Work on your jaw muscles.

You’ll learn from a skilled, experienced, board-certified massage therapist how to release tension in the muscles that contribute to your jaw pain.

You may be surprised to learn that five external muscles are directly involved with your jaw joints and movement, as well as four small, rarely-touched internal jaw muscles.

MaryAnn uses a model of a skull and will demo on herself so you can see how easy and safe it is. She will guide you to the right places to touch on your cranium, outside and inside your mouth.

She encourages you to wiggle your jaw after working with each muscle so you can notice the difference.

Maintain your progress.

What can you do to keep your jaws feeling more aligned and spacious? What often happens with many kinds of bodywork is that you feel great after one session, but after some time passes, your body reverts to its old pattern.

Practicing stress reduction, habitually relaxing your jaws when they’re at rest, and improving your posture and movement are daily considerations that can become part of a new, easier, more confident and pain-free lifestyle.

Doing self-treatments is where the Zoom recording comes in handy. You set aside a time and place where you can watch the video and treat yourself. It frequently takes just 3 to 5 repetitions for your body to adopt the new, relaxed, pain-free pattern, and if your body does start to revert to the old pattern at a later time, you know what to do.

What people are saying…

From a fellow massage therapist and friend:

“I’ve been doing the massage/stretches in bits and pieces every day since we met and I’m feeling some much-needed relief.”

~ SH did TMJ Relief on Zoom in July 2021


You Have Questions? I Have Answers!

Can I talk to MaryAnn before scheduling a session?

Yes! The best way is for you to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. MaryAnn will call you at the appointed time. Or you can schedule a free 30-minute Zoom consultation.

Are there any requirements for working doing this self-treatment?

You will need a Zoom account, and MaryAnn will send you the link shortly before your session. She will send you a link to the video after the session.

MaryAnn, although highly trained in bodywork, can use layman’s language rather than anatomical jargon — unless you request jargon! You don’t need any training in bodywork to benefit.

For working in your mouth, you’ll need short fingernails and tissues, and of course, freshly washed hands.

There are several ways to learn the relaxed jaw habit, and they involve repetition until your body adapts the new way. We’ll come up with something simple that works for you.

How can you teach advanced manual therapy techniques online?

Using Zoom, MaryAnn demonstrates where to touch on a model of a skull and on herself. She verbally guides you where to place your finger. You will see it modeled, hear the instructions, and learn what to feel for inside your mouth to know you’re touching the right place.

She checks in with you frequently, and she values your input at any time during the session.

I’m already in your Word of Mouth Facebook group. Does a TMJ Relief session on Zoom include new material? 

Yes. This is a hands-on, experiential self-treatment session. You learn how to treat your own jaw and related issues — using your own hands. If you’ve read the guides MaryAnn posted in the Word of Mouth Facebook group, you will be familiar with some of the material.

How can I come out of this with an amazing success story?

It’s simple. Be deeply committed to improving your quality of life — because you’re worth it.

Be ready to learn and do the work. Ask questions if you don’t understand.

Afterwards, use the Zoom video to work on yourself when your jaw tells you it needs it. If you have questions, you can always schedule the free 15-minute phone consultation.

Can a TMJ Relief session on Zoom help with severe jaw issues?

Because stress, habit, and muscle tension patterns are nearly universal companions for jaw pain, practically everyone can experience a reduction in tension and pain from receiving intraoral manual treatment or learning to treat themselves.

However, some TMJ issues, such as disc degeneration that can occur after years of tension, clenching, and/or grinding, require intervention beyond the scope of this course.

Schedule a phone consultation with MaryAnn if you’re unsure.

I’ve experienced trauma in the past, and I wonder if it’s related to my jaw pain. Should I sign up for a session?

Sometimes trauma, abuse, or a deeply stressful situation can exacerbate jaw pain.

MaryAnn hasn’t seen any studies on this — it’s based on anecdotal evidence from clients, many of whom have said their jaw issues started after a stressful time or a trauma occurred.

Because the body stores unresolved trauma, bodywork can sometimes initiate a trauma release process. For more on this, read The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk.

How will you know if this happens to you? You may experience memories and emotions associated with the stress or trauma that have been repressed, during or after the session.

When old traumas resurface like this, the person is usually ready to face them. Remember that that time has passed and the situation has changed. You have developed more resources since then.

If this happens, breathe through the discomfort, which will dissipate on its own, usually within a few minutes at most.

A trusted friend, a therapist, and keeping a journal can be very helpful.

If there’s anything else you need to know, shoot an email to or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with MaryAnn.

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