Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing makes a big difference in how you experience yourself! Releasing tension from your bones and blockages from your energy pathways, it counteracts gravity, habitual postures, and strain patterns. It improves your balance and mobility and expands your awareness. People may walk in hunched over, and after receiving Zero Balancing, they walk out with good posture and easy mobility.

Zero Balancing was developed by Fritz Smith, a DO/MD/LAc who combined his training and experience in osteopathic manual therapy with Chinese medicine principles in this unique form of advanced bodywork.

Find out for yourself why after a session, people say they feel “zero balanced.” Curious? Watch a short video (1:32 minutes) about Zero Balancing, and read my blog post What People Are Saying After Zero Balancing.

I love being able to offer you the delicious combination of Zero Balancing and Biodynamics. Zero Balancing aligns your structure and energy, and Biodynamics optimizes your whole body-mind system’s well-being, augmenting your natural healing processes. You walk out feeling transformed.