Structure + Energy

Deep Massage works deeply on your muscles and fascia but without the pain usually associated with deep tissue massage. Using lengthening myofascial release strokes and targeted energetic compressions, a Deep Massage is a full-body treatment that results in better alignment and balance, less tension, and enhanced energy.

Zero Balancing makes a big difference in how you experience your body! Releasing tension from your bones and energy pathways, it counteracts gravity, habitual postures, and tension patterns, improves balance and mobility, opens blocked energy, and expands your awareness. Find out for yourself why after a session, people say they feel “zero balanced.”

Watch a short video (1:32 minutes) about ZB. Read my blog post What People Are Saying After Zero Balancing.

Combining Deep Massage and Zero Balancing is a special treat — your bones and soft tissues become aligned so that good posture is practically effortless, you feel “zero balanced,” and if you add craniosacral therapy, your nervous system experiences deep rest and relaxation.

I also offer the delicious combination of Zero Balancing and Biodynamics. ZB aligns your structure and energy, and Biodynamics optimizes your whole body-mind well-being, enhancing your inherent healing processes.