About me.

I love this work.

I’ve explored many modalities for healing my body, mind, heart, and spirit, and I’ve experienced some remarkable chapters in my own healing journey.

I believe we all have an inner healer that we can befriend and support with awareness. My inner healer was motivated to find out how relaxed I could get after trauma recovery — without using substances — and I began to explore meditation, breathwork, bodywork, and energy work.

I’ve benefitted from many years of post-traumatic growth, which continues.

Those experiences led me to consider a career change. Who doesn’t want meaningful work they love doing?

I started with Reiki training. A few weeks after completing three levels, I used it on a gifted healer/friend who had injured his foot and was in severe pain.

He recovered more quickly than expected and — knowing I’d been admitted to an acupuncture school — told me, “You need to get a license to touch people.”

I switched to training in massage therapy. Although acupuncture school is fantastic training, I didn’t really want to stick needles in people anyway.

My professional journey

I attended Lauterstein-Conway Massage School’s 500-hour program in Austin and later completed the 250-hour advanced program.

My training in craniosacral therapy started while I was still a student in 2011, and I began training in intraoral work in 2013, not long after graduating.

WIth David Lauterstein, April 2012

I began working at massage establishments right out of school to educate my hands by working on a lot of people. I also started a private practice in 2013, working at it part-time until 2018 when it became my full-time gig.

I’ve worked in hospital, office, home, backyard, spa, festival, sporting event, and hospice settings.

I offer bodywork sessions in my West Lake office and at West Holistic Medicine in downtown Austin. I also have a New Mexico massage license. I teach Self-Treatment for TMJ Issues on Zoom, available from anywhere with WiFi.

I frequently volunteer at the Community Healing Circle in Austin, offering mini-sessions in Craniosacral Biodynamics in exchange for modest donations in the Serenity Room at Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey, first Saturdays, 5-8 pm.

The view out my office window in West Lake Hills.

My healing journey

I first became interested in healing after a car wreck in 1996 left me with shock, a concussion, pelvis and low back pain, and alignment and gait issues that my mainstream doctors couldn’t help with except to offer pain pills.

In my search for healing over the following years, I began learning about and receiving many different healing and bodywork modalities, including several varieties of chiropractic, Rolfing/structural integration (twice), psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, yoga therapy (I’d started practicing yoga in 1982), physical therapy, osteopathic manual medicine, HeartMath, biofield tuning, constellation work, several types of massage therapy, and more.

Craniosacral work was a modality I received regularly for three years. I had no idea how it worked — just that my cranium and sacrum were injured in the car accident — and would ask myself after every session how I felt different. (This is something I encourage my clients to do.)

I felt like I was more myself, that I was somehow shedding an accumulation of superfluous baggage that I no longer needed, and that my inner essence, vitality, and well-being were growing stronger.

I’d had no idea that was possible through bodywork!

I felt great energetically, emotionally, and physically after three years of regular sessions plus good self-care, and I went on to make some major changes in my life that better reflected the person I had become and wanted to be.

I’ve addressed many of my own health issues in various ways. Some of the other issues I’ve worked on include diet and nutrition: reducing candida overgrowth, eliminating or minimizing multiple food sensitivities, and overcoming leaky gut syndrome.

I had a case of rosacea that disappeared once I started making and consuming fermented foods daily.

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and supplementation over time. I offer my clients and others 25% off the cost of supplements by ordering online through Fullscript, and I also offer discounts for Premier Research Labs supplements.

I’ve done the liver-gallbladder flush under medical supervision to clear those organs of hardened bile in the ducts from past poor food choices (cooked oils, mostly).

My dental health is another issue I’ve addressed, reducing the depth of inflamed gum pockets into the healthy range of 1s and 2s.

I’ve worked on improving my mental, energetic, and spiritual resources through various studies and practices: yoga, ecstatic dance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, meditation, breathwork, HeartMath, psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, inquiry, the Enneagram, MBTI, reading, dharma talks, sangha, and more.

Health, healing, and wellness are passions of mine.

Interestingly, a well-regarded Austin psychic once told me that I’d been some kind of healer for half of my past lifetimes — medicine woman, village healer, doctor, midwife, etc.. It does feel like it’s in my blueprint, although I have no explicit memories of previous lifetimes, and when I work with clients, I stay within my professional scope (LMT, CST, BCST, NLP, yoga/pranayama, HeartMath).

When I work with clients to invite their nervous systems into a more relaxed state, reducing anxiety and increasing their own healing resources, please know that I’ve been there myself.

So… You found me, and I’m interested in you.

How may I be of service?

If you’d like to connect verbally, I offer free 15-minute phone consultations that you can schedule online. I will call you at the time you choose, to listen and give you my full attention so that you may proceed with confidence whatever you decide.