Biodynamic CST resources.

Here are some great resources to learn more about this blend of bodywork and energy work.

Craniosacral Therapy and the Energetic Body: An Overview of Craniosacral Biodynamics, by Roger Gilchrist, 2006. This is the clearest, most accessible book for those wishing to know more about Biodynamics, focusing on the spiritual and energetic components of the work and its history and evolution.

The Wellness Institute: Energetic Studies website describes the education and training opportunities that Roger Gilchrist offers in the U.S. and abroad as well as distance learning options.

The Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America educates the public about the training and practice of biodynamic craniosacral therapy and provides support to member practitioners and teachers.

The Craniosacral Resource Center in Southlake, TX, offers basic and advanced craniosacral therapy courses taught by Ryan Hallford.

The Craniosacral Podcast consists of numerous interviews that Ryan Hallford has done with practitioners on a variety of topics relating to craniosacral therapy. It’s available on Apple, Stitcher, and Podtail.

Franklyn Sills, who was the first to teach biodynamic craniosacral therapy, has a website, Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Although not oriented to the biodynamic way of working, the Upledger Institute International offers numerous trainings in biomechanical craniosacral therapy that biodynamic practitioners may find useful.