Private sessions.

MaryAnn is fully vaccinated and has completed the two week post-vax antibody-building period.

Starting the first week in April, she is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is offering intraoral (open mouth) treatment in TMJ Relief sessions again (with her air purifier running). She will open on Thursdays when Tuesdays and Wednesdays fill up.

Some of the same precautions will remain in place since some officemates and clients visiting the shared suite remain at risk for COVID.

MaryAnn is still asking clients to text from the parking lot so she can ask about COVID exposure or symptoms in the past two weeks. If you cannot meet this requirement as your appointment approaches, please cancel and reschedule (or contact MaryAnn so she can do it for you). There’s no penalty.

Everyone will still need to wear a mask in the common areas of the office suite.

If it’s been two weeks or more since your second (or only in the case of J&J) vaccine, you can remove your mask inside MaryAnn’s office. MaryAnn will also remove her mask. If you are not vaccinated, we will both stay masked.

The air purifier will be running during all sessions. This helps with pollen as well.

Bodywork sessions

Choose from these bodywork sessions: Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing + Craniosacral Therapy, or TMJ Relief, $100-$120

MaryAnn also offers a free 15-minute Phone Consultation and a free 30-minute TMJ Consultation.

You can now schedule a combined free 30-minute TMJ Consultation immediately followed by your first TMJ Relief session as one longer session.

Single craniosacral therapy sessions are currently offered at $100 for 75 minutes (save $20), with 3 and 6 session packages available for $250 and $500 respectively (save $36.67 per session).

MaryAnn’s office is located at 5524 Bee Cave Rd., Suite G-1, West Lake Hills, TX 78746. It’s on the north side of Bee Cave Road, between the light at Redbud Trail and the light at Westlake Medical Center. The entrance has a low rock wall with 5524 on it. Go right to the fourth building on the right. Our building (G) is the only one with stacked rocks in front.

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