To schedule a consultation or a single session at my office in West Lake Hills, click the button below, choose the service you desire, and find a time when you and I are both available.

My days and hours there are Monday through Thursday, 2:30-6 pm, and Friday 10 am-4 pm.

Please fill out your intake form online, which will give you more time on the table during your session.

When you schedule a session or consultation, you’ll get an email confirmation quickly. You’ll then get one more email (with a link to directions on this page) plus a text reminder 48 hours before your session.

Please read through my Policies so that we may work well together.

To schedule a session at West Holistic Medicine in downtown Austin, please call 512-814-0184. I’m there Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am-2 pm.


A package is a series of sessions for a specific purpose, usually over a limited time.

I offer packages designed for follow-up sessions when you need longer-term care.

The TMJ Relief package creates lasting relief by retraining your system toward more ease in your TMJs, when you have had persistent, intermittent, or acute TMJ issues.

You receive four sessions that you schedule over a 5-8 week period.

First you’ll need to schedule a TMJ Consultation or TMJ Consultation Plus TMJ Relief session.

There are two Craniosacral Biodynamic packages. The Intro package offers an initial 90-minute session followed by two 60-minute sessions, designed for those wanting to experience this subtle, cumulative modality or just needing short term care.

The Recovery Care package is designed for those seeking regular sessions over a longer term for more acute or chronic issues.

Packages are 10 percent off the cost for a single session. All packages are available with interest-free payment plans. Please request one if that’s your preference.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a unique code for your package. When you schedule your sessions, enter your unique code to avoid being billed twice.

Find my office.

My office can be tricky to find the first time. Please…read these instructions before your first visit so you can arrive on time (or even 5 minutes early to decompress) and get the full time you paid for!

My office is located at 5524 Bee Cave Rd., Suite G-1, West Lake Hills, TX 78746, near the intersection of 2244/Bee Cave Road and 360/Capital of Texas highway.

Office in relation to downtown, Colorado River, 1/Mopac, 360, IH35

It is on the north side of the road.

Turn into the only driveway (next to the 5524 sign) between First Citizens Bank and Wild Heart Yoga to enter the office complex (which some say looks like older apartment buildings).

Where the driveway forks near the entrance, turn right and go to the fourth building on the right.

Our building (G) is the only one with stacked rocks in front. G with an arrow is painted on the pavement, and there’s a small G sign in front of the building as well.

5524 Bee Cave Road, Building G

There is no entrance to this office complex from Redbud Trail. If your navigation system directs you to Redbud, it is incorrect. Please return to 2244/Bee Cave Road and turn right into the first driveway past First Citizens Bank.

We are also not in the Westlake Medical Center. Return to 2244/Bee Cave Road and turn left after passing Wild Heart Yoga.

There are curbs and steps between the parking lot and door, so it’s not accessible for wheelchairs or walkers.

If this applies to you, please call me to discuss other options.

If you are running a little late for your appointment, I will text you to find out if you need help finding my office.

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