What people are saying about TMJ Relief…

Mary Ann Reynolds is one of the few trained therapists in Austin who can palpate the inside of the mouth to bring awareness and relief to this mostly untouched place. I have had much trauma on the inside of my mouth from years of dental work and her intraoral massage gently and carefully alleviated this stress. She is an excellent therapist to see if you have TMJ syndrome or if you are just even curious as to how those powerful masseter and pterygoid muscles on the inside of your mouth work. I highly recommend her!

~HC, January 2022

“Thank you so much!! My jaw and face feel GREAT!”

~ EM, November 2021

From the mother (also a healing artist) of a 12-year-old boy, October 25, 2021

“I’ve been doing the massage/stretches in bits and pieces every day since we met and I’m feeling some much-needed relief.”

~ SH did TMJ Relief on Zoom in July 2021

From a former client, the first recipient of TMJ work, June 2021