What people are saying about TMJ Relief…

I feel calmer. More alert. More open in my head. Can breathe more. Jaw feels a little sore like it’s had a massage. Less tension in neck.

~JG, May 2023

My TMJs feel more spacious, and I felt all kinds of shifts in my cranium and upper body.

~RU, August 2022

~ JS, July 2022

Three weeks ago today, I had my [TMJ Relief] therapy. I’m so pleased to tell you I’ve had no recurrence of jaw pain. Amazing! I ordered a new pillow, but have not yet received it.

Thank you for your wisdom and expertise.

If there is another episode, I will set up an appointment immediately. I wasted seven years and thousands of dollars and you freed me from pain with one session. I am so grateful.

~KW, March 2022

 I am happy to say that my jaw is not clicking at this time and that I am not experiencing any pain. 

~KG, February 2022

Mary Ann Reynolds is one of the few trained therapists in Austin who can palpate the inside of the mouth to bring awareness and relief to this mostly untouched place. I have had much trauma on the inside of my mouth from years of dental work and her intraoral massage gently and carefully alleviated this stress. She is an excellent therapist to see if you have TMJ syndrome or if you are just even curious as to how those powerful masseter and pterygoid muscles on the inside of your mouth work. I highly recommend her!

~HC, January 2022

“Thank you so much!! My jaw and face feel GREAT!”

~ EM, November 2021

From the mother (also a healing artist) of a 12-year-old boy, October 25, 2021

“I’ve been doing the massage/stretches in bits and pieces every day since we met and I’m feeling some much-needed relief.”

~ SH did TMJ Relief on Zoom in July 2021

From a former client, the first recipient of TMJ work, June 2021


A client who had experienced abuse wrote this blog post in 2016 about her experience receiving her first TMJ Relief session from me:

The times that other humans utilized my interest or trust to their desire, the times when I didn’t have a choice because I didn’t know how to decipher options, how to logically assess emotional risk… these thoughts surfaced as she put her finger in my mouth. The emotional level of the massage involved my personal history with abuse. It offered its perceptions and cautions. I quelled the anxiety with deep breaths, and at one point I actually fell asleep which I didn’t think was possible to do in that situation. So the masseuse offers this safe and professional environment in which she performs actions similar yet very different to others I’ve experienced…

All of this combines to create a safe space for my spiritual level to evolve. How does free blood flow around the jaw contribute to my sense of place in existence? I feel the increased blood flow as a sense of relaxation in my jaw, and my head feels more like it’s floating and less like it’s tight. This creates a buttery space for thoughts, if you will…

All of this — the muscles and bones at the physical level, the emotions at my human level, the spiritual practice that comes from attempts to trust someone to provide assistance — all of it combines in purpose. When I think of purpose and combination, I’m existing in the spiritual realm. When our lives have meaning and we rest in our bodies, we are one with nature and its undulations.

“I wasn’t expecting you to spend so much time on the lateral pterygoids. That felt like it relieved a lot of tension… I feel much more relaxed overall – more so than only in my jaw. I felt like everything was very satisfactory. I think you have ‘wow’ covered.”

~ anonymous, 2/3/16, after the third session in her TMJ package