I help people with jaw pain.

I’m MaryAnn Reynolds, and I help people with jaw pain find support and learn to treat themselves like a skilled manual therapist. Here are some ways I can help.

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Evaluate your jaw problems.

Do you clench your teeth?

Does your jaw hurt when you chew?

Do you have problems sleeping because of jaw pain?

The Jaw Pain Quiz takes 3 minutes.

You’ll be asked 25 simple questions about your symptoms, history, habits, stress, and quality of life.

Based on your answers, you can determine what your right next step is.

Join my Facebook group.

Join the community. You are not alone.

Word of Mouth: Resources for Relieving Jaw Pain/Dysfunction is a growing Facebook group for people who want to find solutions for their jaw pain.

Sign up for my online course.

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So many people spend years suffering from jaw pain because it’s hard to find someone who can really help.

Skilled help with jaw issues, beyond simply wearing a dental appliance, is available, but you have to know what questions to ask.

And you may have to travel.

And COVID-19 makes it more difficult to find these skilled professionals…who may feel that working in closed rooms in their patients’ open mouths is more risk than they are willing to expose themselves and others to.

Now you can learn to treat yourself in your own home, guided by an expert, in an online course.

What would your life be like without jaw pain?

…because you have better things to do than suffer.

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