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I’m MaryAnn Reynolds, bodyworker… also known as MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB…master of science, licensed massage therapist, board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Welcome to my website.

I offer advanced bodywork sessions in the Austin, Texas, area (and sometimes in Taos NM in the summer).

I also offer free discovery calls, and I teach Self-Treatment for TMJ Issues on Zoom (with video). 

I specialize in two types of bodywork: Craniosacral Biodynamics and TMJ Relief. More information about these modalities is available on their respective pages.

My Schedule page has a link for scheduling sessions. Directions to my private office in Austin are also on that page. Please read the directions and review my Policies before your first visit.

To schedule sessions with me at West Holistic Medicine in downtown Austin, please call 512-814-0148 to register if you are new there. Existing patients can self-schedule.

I’m available there Mon-Thurs 9:30am-1:00pm. 

New Year special! 

2022 was a great year for growing my practice and advancing my skills, and I’d love to help you get 2023 off to a great start! I’m offering 20 percent off on three 60-minute Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions. You get $405 worth of sessions for $324, saving you $81! 

It works out to $108 per session. 

Click here to buy this package and then schedule your first session using the package code. 

This special offer expires at the end of February, although you may use your sessions after that.

Note: I will be raising my single-session rates by $5 and package rates commensurately on February 1. 

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#BiodynamicMeditation on Instagram

I’m over halfway through a series of 100 Instagram posts focusing on Biodynamic Meditation, a new meditation practice based on skills used in Craniosacral Biodynamics, simplified for non-practitioners who would like to learn self-healing.

If you’re interested in self-healing, please consider following me there. I’m @mareynolds. These posts also appear on my Facebook business page (search Facebook for MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB), and on my WordPress wellness blog (search WordPress for wellbodymindheartspirit.com).

When conditions are right, I plan to start teaching in person.

When I started taking Craniosacral Biodynamics classes in 2013, I already had a daily meditation practice, and I used it to explore the skills of perception needed to practice Craniosacral Biodynamics.

I’ve long wondered why Biodynamic Meditation wasn’t already a type of meditation available to the public. I believe that, with guidance and practice, most people who are motivated can learn this form of self-healing.

With a Biodynamic Meditation practice, you learn to get in touch with the nature inside that sustains and augments your well-being.

Biodynamic Meditation does not replace receiving Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions from skilled, trained practitioners. Hardly anyone has the ability to receive a Craniosacral Biodynamics session for their health every day…but most of us can find time to sit quietly and attend to our own internal processes for healing and wellness. 

Reasons people sought Craniosacral Biodynamics, fall 2022

Here’s a link to my latest post of why people seek Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions, both for specific physical issues and for whole body issues.

If you’re curious about whether Craniosacral Biodynamics can help with your issues, this may give you a good idea of the range of issues it can help with. This post links to the previous season’s post, which links to the previous post, etc., for a more comprehensive view. 

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