Has life taken a toll, leaving you with aches and pains, strain patterns, stress, depletion, stagnation, injury, or chronic conditions that keep you from living the fully embodied, present, connected, and active life you desire? 

Welcome! I’m MaryAnn Reynolds, a licensed massage therapist working in West Lake Hills near central Austin, Texas, and I can help. I offer a practical and empowering approach to wellness, integrating multiple modalities as needed in sessions that help your body reorganize in a more functional, beneficial way.

If you’re interested in working together, please call me at (512) 507-4184 so we can talk about your needs and find out if my services are a good match.

If we’ve worked together previously or you’re willing to take a chance, please feel free to make an appointment online (see Services). You can view openings and schedule an appointment for the session length or type(s) of bodywork you desire.

Schedule Now

You may also call me, tell me what you’re seeking, and I’ll book it for you. 512-507-4184.

Whether you or I schedule your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation/reminder email that includes a link to a map, an overview of the basics about my practice, and if desired, a text reminder the day before your appointment.

K.C., 5/25/17, after a session that started with Zero Balancing followed by Biodynamics: “MaryAnn, I’m amazed! I had a lot of pain in my knee on Tuesday, after our session, but yesterday and today, I’m having almost no discomfort. I have full range of motion in my knee today, with very little discomfort. Yesterday in my evening meditation, I visualized my liquid body; all my body fluids flowing, unimpeded, with just the right amount of pressure, through my lower body joints. Wow. I’m encouraged!”

A.A., 5/6/17, after a Biodynamic session for grief and tension: “…during the session I experienced a ‘glow in the dark’ type of yellow light at my neck, it seemed to be a part of my neck and not so much a light shining on it. my neck feels fine now….healing occurred.” At a follow-up a few days later, “My neck feels new and strong.” 

L.P., 4/28/17, after a Biodynamic session to help with vitality and recovery from a sprained ankle: “Good session Wed: I kept buzzing along until late. Ankle in good shape.”

S.S., 4/15/17, after a session where I used cupping for her fibromyalgia: “I am actually doing great!! It helped so much!”

L.S., 3/10/17, after her first craniosacral therapy session: “I’m an Alexander teacher, and I felt like craniosacral therapy released some tensions at the back of my head. My whole skull and system are experiencing some freedom they don’t normally have.” See more

Enter My Raffle for Free Bodywork!

On December 1, 2017, I am drawing a name from a jar, and that person will win a package of five 60-minute sessions, receiving the modalities of their choice, a $400 value. The winner may use all the sessions themselves, request gift certificates for holiday gifts, or share the package with a family member.

How can you enter? You get one entry for each session you receive between now and December 1. If you buy a package of sessions, you get an entry for each session you paid for — even if you don’t use them all before December 1.

You also get an entry for each person you refer to me who comes in for a session before December 1.

I hope to see you soon on my table.

Biodynamics Special

For the rest of this year and into early 2018, I’m serving as a teaching assistant for some craniosacral biodynamics classes. I love the challenges and benefits of mastering this modality. I’ve been studying this form of bodywork since early 2013.

This year I’m focused intensely on assisting, reading textbooks and listening to audio, working with a mentor/supervisor, my daily meditation sessions, and most of all, listening in my sessions with clients to the natural healing fields, tides, rhythms, and potency in and around us, learning how healing works and how I can augment it.

My abilities are growing, and I’d love to share this life-affirming way of working with you. I’m offering these specials:

  • Buy two biodynamic sessions, get one free.
  • Refer a new client to me for biodynamic sessions, and you get one free.
  • If you choose, Biodynamic sessions start with 10-15 minutes of Zero Balancing.
  • If you choose, we can measure your heart rate variability (an indicator of well-being) using a HeartMath sensor that clips on your earlobe, before and after your session.

Other Ways to Save

If you schedule your sessions within 6 weeks of each other, you save $10 on a 30-minute session, $20 on a 60-minute session, or $30 on a 90-minute session. This applies to any modality or combination. This is my “package rate,” and of course, you can also pre-pay for a variety of packages and save that way too. See my Services page for details.