Would you like to release tension, feel more balanced, and enhance your own natural healing abilities? Would you like to feel more ease and flow in your life? Would you like to experience being blissfully embodied? 

I’m MaryAnn Reynolds, advanced integrative bodyworker in West Lake Hills near downtown Austin, Texas, and I may be able to help. I offer a practical and empowering approach to wellness, integrating modalities as needed in sessions that help your body-mind system reorganize, so that when you walk out the door, you experience yourself differently — with more ease, joy, and presence.

Schedule an Appointment

If we’ve worked together previously or you’re willing to take a chance, please make an appointment online, choosing one of the offerings below. By booking a session online, you can view my openings and schedule at your convenience. (If my hours don’t coincide with your availability, please contact me — we may be able to work something out.)

  • I offer a free 30 minute consultation to find out whether I can help relieve your jaw pain, tension, and/or dysfunction. Read more on my TMJ Relief page.
  • I offer the TMJ Relief program (5 sessions over 4 weeks) for long-lasting, sometimes permanent, relief of jaw pain. The program includes bodywork, education, support, and self-care exercises.
  • You can also schedule a custom session. How would you like to experience yourself when the session is over?
    • Choose from any techniques I offer, or any combination: craniosacral therapy, biodynamics, Zero Balancing, orthopedic massage, reflexology, cupping.
    • ZBnB (Zero Balancing + Biodynamics) is a popular combination for energy, structure, and coherence.
    • Choose an area for focus — back/neck/shoulders, neck/face/head, hands/feet, etc.
    • Choose craniosacral therapy/SomatoEmotional Release help your body-mind system release the residual effects of trauma.
    • If you feel stress or tension, tend to get headaches or migraines, or have difficulty sleeping, I recommend a Heavenly Head Massage.

Schedule Appointment

Please note that I do not accept insurance, but I’m happy to email you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider or health savings account. A letter of medical necessity from your doctor is required in most cases.

After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation/reminder email and text. My Contact page includes a link to the map, photos, and directions, so you can easily find my office.

Here are a couple of testimonials. See more on my What People Are Saying page.

Dr. Sue Muschett, DC, LMT, 8/20/18: “I saw MaryAnn after literally trying everything I could think of for my facial and TMJ pain: my dentist, primary care doc, chiropractic neurologist, craniosacral practitioners, massage therapists and chiros galore, you name it! After one session with MaryAnn, I could open and close my mouth more easily, more completely, and with less awful crunching noises than ever before. It was surprisingly relaxing (I’ve had lots of excruciatingly painful work around that area, and was expecting more of the same), and she is very gentle and deliberate in her work, allowing you the time and space you need to relax. Her knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the jaw and skull are tip-top, which is very impressive given the complexity of this area. After a second session, I have been virtually pain-free for over a month, and am no longer afraid of the deadly carrot stick at lunchtime! I cannot recommend MaryAnn highly enough, and am sending her all my TMJ patients from now on!”

J.C., 7/7/18, a day after her first craniosacral session for brain fog and tension a few weeks after a concussion: “Thank you for your excellent care yesterday. I felt wonderful all afternoon and evening, almost as if the fog had lifted. My anxiety was minimal and I just felt ‘normal’! Hopefully, today continues down that same path!”

Where else to find me online

My Facebook business page is where I post about my work and share new findings about  wellness. 

I’ve created a Facebook group, Word of Mouth: Resources for Relieving Jaw Pain/Dysfunction, for sharing and learning what helps with jaw pain and dysfunction. It includes (in the “Units” menu) some educational and self-care material.

New Offering! Heavenly Head Massage

For a limited time, get $25 off a Heavenly Head Massage, a 45-minute session that I’ve just added to my services. This offering follows a four-day Zero Balancing training, Addressing the Skull, with master bodyworker/teacher Judith Sullivan, which stems from craniosacral therapy but uses Zero Balancing principles.

A session consists of artful touch on the cranial bones, sutures, and landmarks, affecting the membranes, fluids, central nervous system, and autonomic nervous system, following a brief full body alignment.

So far, people report deep relaxation, release of tensions they didn’t know they had, and enhanced vision. It reduces stress and tension, may prevent headaches and migraines, helps you sleep better, and augments your body’s innate healing processes.

Other benefits:

  • you save because it’s currently priced to entice
  • it’s a shorter session, but just as effective as a longer session
  • it’s pleasurable and relaxing any time, but think about on your way home after work or to start your weekend
  • you stay clothed except for shoes, belt, and anything uncomfortable or constricting
  • I can turn my table warmer on if you like
  • we can start with inhaling a relaxing blend of essential oils called Peace & Calming
  • listen to the relaxing sound of ocean waves
  • enjoy!

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