Would you like to feel more ease and joy in your life?

Would you like to experience being blissfully embodied? 

Welcome! I’m MaryAnn Reynolds, a bodyworker in West Lake Hills near central Austin, Texas, and I may be able to help. I offer a practical and empowering approach to wellness, integrating modalities as needed in sessions that help your body-mind system reorganize, so that when you walk out the door, you experience yourself differently — with more ease, joy, and presence.

If you’re interested in working together, please call me at (512) 507-4184 so we can find out if my services are a good match for your needs.

Schedule an Appointment

If we’ve worked together previously or you’re willing to take a chance, please feel free to make an appointment online, choosing one of the session lengths below. By booking a session online, you can view my openings and schedule at your convenience.

Of course if you prefer you may text or call me (please leave a message), and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 512-507-4184.

After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation/reminder email that includes a link to a map, photos, and written directions, an overview of the basics about my practice, and you can opt for a text (SMS) reminder the day before your appointment.

J.C., 7/7/18, a day after her first craniosacral session for brain fog and tension a few weeks after a head injury: “Thank you for your excellent care yesterday. I felt wonderful all afternoon and evening, almost as if the fog had lifted. My anxiety was minimal and I just felt ‘normal’! Hopefully, today continues down that same path!”

G.K., 4/11/18: “I came to see you when I first began experiencing TMJ symptoms. It only took one session since it was in the early stages, and I’ve had no symptoms since. You were also mindful of my muscle spasticity, so it didn’t trigger more problems with the surrounding muscles in my head and neck. It works!”

Lisa D, 4/11/18: “After telling MaryAnn about the tension I was holding in my jaw, she suggested a release technique. The effects were immediate. I left our session feeling tremendous relief.”

S.L., 10/27/17, post-concussion: “My head has been tremendously better since our session. I’ve been doing the Epsom baths (which have perfect with the change in weather), drinking a ton more water and doing the self lymph drainage… I’m looking forward to our next session!”

L.M., 10/6/17: “Hey, I just spontaneously walked normally again!” (This is after a fall a few months previously, followed by work stress and the death of a parent, left her bent over, hobbling into my office. I watched her walk out with vigor and symmetry in her gait.)

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Special deals!

Craniosacral therapy for the hard palate (upper jaw)

I am continuing my training in craniosacral therapy, and in preparation for a class this August, I am practicing a technique that you can benefit from. It’s craniosacral therapy for the hard palate, which uses a very light touch to listen to and adjust facial and upper jaw bones and soft tissues.

This technique is recommended for people who:

  • have had TMJ issues (clenching the jaw, grinding, clicking, popping, pain)
  • have worn braces
  • have had bridges that cross the upper midline
  • have had teeth extracted (especially molars)
  • have had any extensive dental work
  • have experienced facial or head trauma
  • believe they could benefit

It would be my honor to work with you. I am happy to offer you up to three sessions at a reduced rate of $70 per session. I’m offering up to three sessions because you may want a TMJ session, and you may also be interested in receiving a full-body craniosacral therapy session in addition to a hard palate session.

If you’d like to receive this work, please schedule one to three 60-minute sessions to take place before close of business on Friday, August 3, 2018.


For each session you buy before Nov. 30, 2018, and for each person you refer who comes in before then, you get an entry for a raffle for 5 hours of free bodywork. You can use your time in 60 or 90 minute increments, use them all yourself, give some as gifts, or share with someone. The drawing is on Dec. 1, 2018.