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I’m MaryAnn (aka MaryAnn Reynolds, MS, LMT, BCTMB…master of science, licensed massage therapist, board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork).

Welcome to my website.

I offer advanced bodywork sessions in the Austin, Texas, area. I specialize in two types of bodywork: Craniosacral Biodynamics and TMJ Relief. 

Craniosacral Biodynamics is gentle, relaxing type of bodywork, working from the inside out to help your system function better. It can help with many issues, from whole-body issues like grief and anxiety, to working with specific areas of discomfort such as migraines or back pain. It can also help speed recovery after surgery or dental work. If you’re wondering if it can help with your issues, see my Summer 2023 list of issues I’ve worked with recently. 

TMJ Relief is a modality I developed after receiving advanced training in intraoral work from several teachers and working with jaw issues since 2013. Sessions start and end with relaxation and focus on relieving your issues (tension, pain, clicking, inability to open wide, etc.). I also teach habit change if you clench and/or grind your teeth. TMJ sessions integrate Craniosacral Biodynamics with other bodywork techniques. 

I offer free discovery calls, if you have any questions or desire to connect verbally before scheduling. See my Schedule page to view options. 

Fall 2023 newsletter

This summer I went to Colorado, met a horse, helped teach new craniosacral therapy students, learned about working with neuroplastic pain, and got an awesome new officemate! I also answer the question of how often to schedule, update you on my Biodynamics training, and more. All in my latest newsletter. Click to view. To subscribe, click here

Calm your nervous system with this simple exercise

My friend Peggy Lamb is a very experienced massage therapist and instructor who created and teaches continuing education courses and also has a project, The Abundant Bodyworker, to help independent bodyworkers expand their businesses.

Peggy is a fellow explorer of well-being. She posted this video showing how you can calm your anxiety in one minute!

I tried it. With my eyes to the right, I experienced a deep sigh. With my eyes to the left, I yawned.

It works! Try it for yourself. 

What’s the best location for you? 

I have two offices. Which works for you — my office in West Lake Hills, on Bee Cave Road near 360/Capital of Texas Highway?

Or my office at West Holistic Medicine, 904 West Avenue, in downtown Austin?

See maps for both locations on my Schedule page. 

My hours in West Lake, an all-craniosacral bodywork office where I’ve worked since 2016, are Monday through Thursday, 1:30-6ish, and Fridays, 10-3.

You can schedule sessions at my office in West Lake by clicking the link on my Schedule page. 

My downtown hours at West Holistic Medicine, 904 West Avenue, are Monday through Thursday, 9:30-1. It’s an integrative medical clinic with two doctors and other practitioners offering complementary modalities.

You don’t have to be a patient of the doctors there to schedule a session with me. 

There are three free parking places at 904 West Avenue. If these are full, you can park on the street and pay for street parking at the meter (or take a pretty good chance on not getting ticketed).

To schedule sessions with me at West Holistic Medicine, please call 512-814-0148 if you are new there. Existing patients can self-schedule.

Thanks for checking out my website!

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