What people are saying about Biodynamics…

I felt WONDERFUL after your treatment! More focused, calm, restful sleep.

~ GF, June 2023

This will be my second treatment for long covid. First one helped a lot!

~ LE, April 2023

My back pain was a 9 when I came in. Afterwards, it was 0. Incredible!

~LP, April 2023

Thank you for the Venous Sinus Drainage intervention – it’s really profound.

~JH, April 2023

I noticed that something that would have really upset me in the past, didn’t upset me.

~MM, February 2023, after several sessions

I feel calm and alert.

~ JP, February 2023 (new client right after first session)

The session was very helpful on many levels. The ‘noise’ calmed down. That day the high pitch was awful. The session moved me onward from that and it lasted.

Also the overall calming and integration was superb in that I was not as aware how the illness had deeply upset my nervous system. 

I was so grateful to be reconnected and feel it lent strongly to decisions to become consciously conscious!! Have made many changes for the better and I feel great.

My hearing is still on a healing journey. Better and better. Still more to improve. I will schedule another soon. Your work is comforting and powerful. Gracias.

~JA, February 2023 (sudden hearing loss with high-pitch tinnitus)

My visit with you in December is in my mind every day.  I was high as a kite when I left, had dinner with a friend who killed my buzz, but it returned during the long drive home, which was impressive because we were in commuter traffic!

~CP, February 2023 (horse-related traumatic injury)

Back feels amazing!

~ AG, January 2023 (client with scoliosis)

It’s just so much goodness!

~ NS, November 2022

I attended an energy healing circle in Falls Church with my mom for years and have done three levels of Reiki training twice. I’m familiar with energy work. I am impressed! I feel great!

~ JF, October 2022

My daughter [a stressed high school student] noticed that three days after each biodynamics session, she felt on top of everything.

~ KS, September 2022

When you were working with my sacrum, I could feel shifts in my scapulas, and when you were working on my knee, I could feel a lot of energy moving.

~ KP, July 2022

Blessed to have discovered Mary Ann’s magic in the teens! With her gentle thoughtful way, I always feel so deeply supported in her presence. Thank goodness that Mary Ann offered phone consultations during Covid. Her sessions addressed my complex challenges; her feedback was invaluable – no judgment, only nurturing wisdom. All of the healing modalities she offers have been such an incredible gift for our community. Great great gratitude to you, Mary Ann – you are so appreciated! 

~ MW, May 2022

…my anxiety is diminished because a big awareness emerged yesterday morning [two days after her session in which she had a deep still point], which was great.

SG, April 2022

In my session with MaryAnn, the way that she worked with my energy body through her vast knowledge of multiple modalities — and specifically Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy — allowed me to so deeply regulate and connect my physical, mental, and emotional energies that I was able to release trauma from a place in my body that was holding it. 

~ LD, January 2022

My session with Mary Ann was very relaxing and centering. The cranial work was especially energizing!

CJT, December 2021

“I slept really well last night… I still feel tender, but the intensity of shock/fear/anxiety has lifted and now I feel in a very sacred place where I feel safe to go into the center of my feelings and deeply be with them. It is such a blessing to be in this space…so just wanted to reach out and thank you again for the session yesterday…so appreciate having your healer to attune to.”

~ Anonymous, December 2021

“Everything I came in with is gone. My neck feels fluid. There’s no holding in my shoulders, no pressure inside my head and around my nose and eyes. My jaws released, and my hips are aligned.”

~ LD, December 2021

“It felt like a cloud was moving up from my feet, that I didn’t recognize. It settled in and felt healing. I felt some little sensations in my chest that felt like dead cells coming back to life. Felt very fluid.”

~ AK, October 2021

After trading biodynamic sessions with AA, October 2021

Two texts from MG, October 2021

“You did such a great job of helping me relieve the issue, I’m so grateful for the change you made in my life. You will always be at the top of my list for referrals for tmj relief and cranial sacral.”

~ BT, July 2021

Anonymous, 2016