What to expect after a Craniosacral Biodynamics session

I invite you to check in with your system before you get on the table. Since healing always takes place in the present, even from old issues that came to reside in your system, it seems helpful to do a full body scan from head to feet, or feet to head, and notice what you notice before we start.

We all have many body stories! Sometimes, it’s good to just check in on current sensations. There may be a different story.

What you notice during a session can vary. Some clients fall asleep soundly. Some drift in and out of sleep. Some experience dreams or dream-like states. Some experience energy releases that are strong enough that they almost levitate off the table, waking them up, and some sleep through multiple energy releases that are small, like a tremor in the hands or feet.

Some notice going into stillness.

It’s all good.

I invite you to do a body scan again when you get off the table.

What’s different?

Right after a session, clients often feel more relaxed, calm, centered, whole. They may notice they feel less pain or tension.

Whatever changes about your issues coming in, as well as what you notice during your before-and-after body scans, is really how you learn what this work does for you.

And…most of the change occurs after a session. From sleeping better that night…to really feeling on top of things three days later…to noticing days or weeks later that an issue simply isn’t there any more…

…this is why craniosacral work is sometimes called subtle.

Craniosacral Biodynamics works for serious health challenges

Craniosacral Biodynamics is in the same family of medical and manual therapies as original osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, and craniosacral therapy. 

Although its cranial roots go back to 1899, Craniosacral Biodynamics began in the 1980s.

Dr. Andrew Weil, father of integrative medicine, received healing work from Dr. Robert Fulford, a gifted cranial osteopath, and understood well how this kind of bodywork can contribute to wellness. Dr. Weil relates this story in his book, Spontaneous Healing.

Reducing the stress load

Imbalances and strains on our bodies come from stressors of all kinds: physical, mental, emotional, energetic. Until they dissipate, they maintain a stress load in the system.

The human stress response helps us stay alive in the face of threats. Ideally, the system returns to a relaxed state when threats are no longer present.

Overwhelming stress can make this difficult, and the stress load does not dissipate.

Making it more complicated, many sources of stress are internal: anxiety about health, relationships, finances, the future. Can you relate?

Our systems’ self-healing capabilities activate in states of relaxation, not in states of stress. Thus, stress is a factor that contributes to chronic illness.

Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions help our systems relax, thus freeing up resources for self-healing.

A Craniosacral Biodynamics practitioner like me palpates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in a patient’s body. This fluid flows rhythmically and is located deep inside the body.

A good therapist can pick up the motion and read this rhythm anywhere in the body, as well as sense more subtle tides and patterns.

How it works

After establishing rapport with a patient, I invite your rhythm to go into a still point — a pause in the rhythm that feels relaxing.

A still point may last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. This stillness interrupts dysfunctional patterns that contribute to dis-ease.

The stillness brings new health-giving resources to your patterns, so that when the still point ends, the revitalized patterns bring more balance, ease, and vitality to your system.

In this manner, Craniosacral Biodynamics sessions facilitate healing from the inside out, and it’s your own system that does the healing. I just help set up the right conditions.

Craniosacral Biodynamics works well alongside health-building practices such as good nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest, and other integrative health modalities.

It helps with chronic anxiety

Patients who have been living with chronic anxiety — which often accompanies chronic illness — often report feeling more resilient after each session, more relaxed, sleeping better.

Sometimes they notice other shifts toward better health in the days after receiving a craniosacral biodynamics session. Because the work is subtle, it can take a few days to really feel the results.

Many choose to receive regular sessions because they work cumulatively, accelerating stress reduction and recovery from illness.

What you can expect in a session

After you have checked in with your present physical, emotional, mental, and energetic state, you’ll get on the massage table, lying on your back. You’ll remain clothed, minus shoes, belt, and big jewelry.

I help you feel comfortable, with a bolster, pillows, a blanket, or a table warmer, as preferred. I invite you to let your body weight surrender to gravity, letting the table provide all the support you need, and to tune into your breathing.

Body awareness lets your anxious mind take a break.

If you can simply notice your sensations, without judgment, without a story, it strengthens your resources for healing.

I take a little time to prepare myself, and then I place my hands gently on your body, at your head or your feet, and tune in to your subtle rhythms.

I may change positions several times during a session. I’m usually quiet, for the most part. Your communication is welcome.

You may simply rest and be gently aware of changing sensations in your body, changes in breathing, and other indicators of transformation.

Sometimes patients are aware of strains releasing. Sometimes the work is so relaxing, patients fall asleep. Some patients tell of dreams or visual experiences.

It’s always interesting to hear your experience!

After your session

Afterwards, it’s always a good to idea to check in with yourself again and notice what’s different.

After leaving, you may want to take some time to relax and integrate the work.

Enjoy your state of reduced anxiety!

Don’t forget to check in with yourself over the next few days, because sometimes the work of optimizing energy patterns takes a few days to manifest into your awareness.

I can’t predict exactly how your system will respond to Craniosacral Biodynamics, but if you feel some improvement, I invite you to schedule another session, which will build on the first.

What people are saying about Biodynamics…

~ LD, January 2022

I’d been having problems falling asleep and staying asleep. After yesterday’s session, I slept much better! ~ LL, November 2021

Facebook post and text from long-time client LM, October 2021

After trading biodynamic sessions with AA, October 2021

From long-time client LD, October 2021

Two texts from MG, October 2021

It’s such a gift 💝 thank you ~ JH, October 2021

“You did such a great job of helping me relieve the issue, I’m so grateful for the change you made in my life. You will always be at the top of my list for referrals for tmj relief and cranial sacral.” ~ BT, July 2021

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Living in your hands

This post quotes Mark Nepo’s lovely book, The Book of Awakening, which has a reading for each day of the year.

The reading for May 2 starts with this:

Live in your hands
and your mind will learn
to bow like a root.

Nepo’s friend had studied in depth the heart and the mind and the give/take and push/pull between them. A very old sage’s last instructions to her were to “Live in your hands.”

His friend, who didn’t know anything about stonework, found herself building a stone chapel, the chapel that had been waiting in her heart.

Another friend must touch flowers she sees. He watches and notices that doing this opens her a little further.

“To live in our hands humbles our mind into accepting something other than itself. It is how we heal each other and ourselves. We call come alive through a Braille of heart.”

This speaks to me so deeply. I work with my hands. I didn’t used to. When I work, I live in them. I am so much more alive and connected to life than I was before.

The hands are extensions of the heart.

Go touch some flowers. Give someone a foot or neck massage. Touch a tree. Pick up a stone. Bring your hands together in prayer position.

Or just close your eyes and pay attention to your hands’ sensations.

Using energy hands for distance healing

When I started doing distance sessions at the beginning of the COVID lockdown in March, I would feel energy pouring out of my hands just as I would when doing bodywork with someone in my office, even though the receivers were now at a distance, sometimes in other states.

I didn’t know what to do with it at first with no body in front of me, but I definitely understood it was an indication of me being in a resourced state for healing.

In the 27-hour intensive course I just completed in Long Distance Healing, the instructors called this phenomenon “energy hands”.

Courtesy of namastest.net.

It’s fairly common for bodyworkers to experience this energy flowing out their hands, especially when the type of bodywork they practice includes deep listening with their hands, as do craniosacral therapy and Reiki, or if they are also trained in some types of yoga or meditation that cultivate this kind of awareness.

(By the way, distance healing is not craniosacral therapy, which always includes physical touch, but some craniosacral skills transfer over to distance healing.)

With my distance receivers, I started placing my energized hands on the area of the body the receiver had identified as wanting attention. Usually these identified areas are experiencing some form of disconnect from the healthier parts of the body.

Receivers would begin to feel sensations of change in that area: for example, the area would change shape, color, or temperature, pain would lessen or disappear, tension would soften, and sensations would become more diffuse, possibly move to another area, or even bounce around (“Hey, you’re finally looking at me! Yippee!”).

Although our bodies are constantly healing themselves below our level of awareness, in these sessions, receivers sense the healing as it occurs.

To be clear, I don’t heal you. Your own cellular intelligence is the healing power. I show up for you in a resourced state (built on years of yoga, meditation, and studies in how healing works), which your system can entrain to. I show up with presence, curiosity, and some suggestions, as an ally and a witness, with an intent (shared with you) for healing to take place, but no agenda about how that will happen, because it’s your body, your history, your awareness, and your healing.

I have not yet worked with anyone who did not experience a change for the better. I’ve worked with people trying their first energy healing session after Western medicine was unable to help, and I’ve worked with people who are deeply experienced in their own somatic awareness.

Courtesy of psychiclibrary.com.

We practiced with partners during the training, placing energy hands on our partner’s shoulders and having them say when they felt them and whether they wanted the touch to be more intense or diffuse, and then disconnecting and switching partners.

We also did this with the adrenals, which pump adrenaline and cortisol into our systems, since most of us are feeling some stress and anxiety because of COVID, the economy, our culture, the future, etc.

When my partner held my adrenals, after about a minute, I felt my autonomic nervous system down-regulate into a deeper parasympathetic (rest and digest) state.

That’s another benefit of working with energy hands. I can put my energy hands inside your body, not just on the skin.

I want to do more distance healing sessions. These sessions are collaborative, empowering, use a lot of dialogue, and are based on consent. I cannot do anything to you that you do not allow.

If you’re wondering what it’s about and would like to try it, I’m offering sessions on a donation basis for a limited time. Look at what it’s worth to you, what you can afford, and donate accordingly.

After half an hour, if you don’t think it’s doing anything for you, we’ll end the session without your donation.

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