Therapeutica pillows.

In my TMJ Consultations, I always ask about sleep position. Why?

Well, you have posture 24/7/365, and since you spend about one-third of your life sleeping, your posture during sleep is as important as waking posture.

Maybe it’s even more important, since you’re asleep and unaware.

Hence, setting yourself up for good sleep posture will pay off over time in less pain and strain.

Nearly everyone I see for jaw issues also has neck issues. It’s part of the strain pattern.

I recommend a pillow designed for back and side sleepers called the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow. It looks like this:

without cover

It supports the curve of your neck when sleeping on your back.

It keeps your head and neck aligned with your torso when sleeping on either side, and it supports your jaw without adding pressure.

Best of all, it comes in different sizes for different shoulder widths.

Here’s a link to Core Products with information about sizing, prices, warranty, firmness (I recommend original firm), and more.

Are there other pillows claiming to be ergonomic?

Of course, but this is the only one I know of that comes in four sizes depending on your shoulder width, which is so important to prevent neck and jaw pain.

Is it expensive?

Yes. However, with a 5-year warranty, it amounts to $20-26 per year depending on size.

Your comfort is surely worth that.

If you really need to save money, after reading the Core Products information and measuring to get your size, you can save a few dollars buying on Amazon. I recommend the Firm models.

Here are links for the Petite/Firm model, the Average/Firm model, the Large/Firm model, and the Extra-Large/Firm model on Amazon.

A long-term TMJ client, Deborah — who no longer has any jaw issues — told me about the Therapeutica Travel Pillow. It’s smaller and less expensive and easier to travel with.

Deborah likes that it allows her to sleep closer to her partner.

You turn it indented side up for back sleeping and flat side up for side sleeping.

It comes in Petite and Average sizes.

Read about it on the Core Products website.

without cover

Here’s info on the Petite model on Amazon, and here’s the Average model.

These prices are subject to change, and as an affiliate, I receive a small percentage if you buy through these Amazon links.