Treating TMJ issues: what would you like to learn more about?

I’m two-thirds of the way through writing daily posts about living with, treating, and resolving TMJ disorder issues.

I’ve posted on who tends to get it, linked to videos of self-care techniques, written about reducing night grinding and daytime clenching, explored the connection between the jaw and the pelvis (and the jaw and the endocrine system), shared recommendations about essential oils for relief, discussed the throat chakra, shared an upper body yoga sequence, listed nutrients that can make a difference, described acupressure points, posted on what massage therapists can do to help (includes what I do), what acupuncturists do, and what chiropractors do. And more.

If you’ve tried any techniques that are new to you after reading these posts, what’s helped?

What would you like to learn that I haven’t covered yet? Here are some possibilities. If you have others in mind, please comment.

  • releasing trigger points in your jaw muscles
  • the role of the sphenoid bone in structural health (your jaw muscles attach to it)
  • meditations and music for the throat chakra
  • calming your nervous system
  • mouthguards, night guards, and splints
  • relaxing the facial muscles
  • jade rolling and facial massage
  • what any other professions do to help with TMJ issues
  • the contributions of Weston Price, dental researcher
  • more on any topic I’ve posted on so far

If you have any other TMJ-related topics you’d like to see addressed, please comment.

Feel a migraine coming on?

Come in for a session before it becomes a full-blown migraine.

Craniosacral therapy can stop a migraine in its tracks when treated during the prodrome period, 2-6 hours before onset. This is when you feel the aura or a premonition of a pending migraine.

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 11.33.22 AM
Courtesy: The People’s Pharmacy

How to get in quickly:

  • You can text me (512-507-4184) to see when my next opening is.
  • You can email me at
  • You can call (leave a message if we haven’t worked together before — I get so much spam, I screen all calls from unknown numbers).
  • You can book sessions online up to 2 hours in advance if I have openings.

We still don’t always know what causes migraines: hormones, stress, dehydration, food, alcohol, weather, eye strain, noise, bright or flickering lights, or genes.

How craniosacral therapy helps: it activates the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system to help your body-mind system relax. By gently and slowly decompressing your cranial bones, you feel more spaciousness inside your head. Cranial nerves are decompressed and blood flow improves.

Craniosacral work can also help with the endocrine system (pituitary and hypothalamus), helping your hormones become more balanced.

If you regularly suffer from migraines, regular craniosacral therapy can be beneficial.


Zero Balancing + Biodynamics = Wellness

Many, but by no means all, of my bodywork clients receive a combination of two modalities that I offer, Zero Balancing and Biodynamics. If you read my Happy Clients page, they have often given good feedback about this combination.

If you’re not familiar with these two modalities, both are done with the recipient fully clothed and for the most part lying on you back. I offer a table warmer and blanket if you need warmth.

I usually start these combination sessions with Zero Balancing, but I can end with it if you need high energy for your next activity. Most people enjoy relaxing after a session, and I usually end with Biodynamics.

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