I’m here to do my best for you. In this line of work, we are always seeking more health. You are too, or you wouldn’t be here. I look forward to working together.

Please read through my policies. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.


Bodywork sessions are by appointment only. You may schedule your own appointment online. You may also contact me first (preferably scheduling a free phone consultation) if you have any questions.

Please try to arrive 5 minutes early to decompress before your session. If possible, allow yourself some down-time after your session to integrate.

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. I send a reminder email and text 48 hours in advance of your start time.

If you need to reschedule, please be kind and do so as soon as possible. You may reschedule online or by emailing, texting, or leaving a voicemail for me.

If you miss an appointment with less than 24 hours of notice, you will be responsible for full payment for the session.


Initial appointments and 90 minute sessions: $165.

Follow-up appointments/60 minute sessions: $135.

Multi-session packages and subscriptions are discounted by 10 percent.


When you schedule yourself online, you prepay with a credit card.

If you prefer to pay with cash, check made out to MaryAnn Reynolds, or a cash app, I will need to schedule your session for you.

Special instructions for American Express cards: enter the card number minus the last digit. Then enter the four-digit CVV code. Then enter the last digit of the credit card number. If this doesn’t work, try another type of card or ask me to send you a payment request in PayPal or Venmo.

I accept Health Care Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account cards.

Tips are not accepted. I do appreciate feedback (both positive and about how I can improve), and spreading the word to others in person or in writing about a good experience is deeply appreciated.

I do not work with insurance companies, but if you request a receipt, I can provide one after your session(s) that you can submit to your insurance company or HCSA/FSA plan for reimbursement.

Packages and subscriptions

Multi-session packages and subscriptions are discounted by 10 percent.

Packages never expire, though some are best used with the time limitations specified, and they are non-refundable.

If you buy a package and cannot use all the sessions, you may request a gift certificate for the balance. 

Subscriptions are for regular sessions, either weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly. Missed subscription appointments do not roll over and are not refundable. Subscriptions do not expire until you cancel, and you may also restart any time. 

Package and subscription prices remain the same for the duration of the package or subscription, regardless of fee increases. 

If you would like to request a package, gift certificate, or subscription not listed, please contact MaryAnn at 512-507-4184.

COVID policy

When Austin/Travis County is in Stage 4 or 5, masks are required at all times in the office suite and in my private office, regardless of vaccination status.

The only exception is during the intraoral portion of TMJ Relief sessions. I require you to be fully vaccinated (preferably with booster) to receive intraoral work. I will ask you to rinse and swish your mouth thoroughly with an antiseptic solution before working in your mouth.

If you are not vaccinated, I can offer a TMJ Relief session without the intraoral work. Since half your jaw muscles are on the outside of your head, it will be helpful.

I run a Winix air filter at all times when I am working.

If you have a sore throat, fever, or other symptoms of illness, please reschedule your session.

In Stage 3 or below, you may be unmasked inside my private office and I will ask you if you are comfortable with me unmasking. (I’m triple vaxxed.)

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